My Life More Creatively Essay Research Paper

My Life More Creatively Essay, Research Paper

Even though we all have immeasurable opportunities to live our lives more creatively, we

only use our creativity sparingly. I think I achieved my highest level of creativity as a

child. As a little girl, I was very absorbed in the exhilaration of adventures and inventions.

As a result, I was always willing to try new things. I used to dream of becoming an

educator. I always wanted to educate people in our society to understand that the

opportunity of becoming accomplished and more knowledgeable is for the taking. And

also as a person in this society, I desired to emphasize the power of learning.

I always thought, and I still think, that education is the foundation of shaping and

molding me as an individual in society. As an educator, I always though I could have set

the forth ground for the rest of my family in following my footsteps. The excitement and

satisfaction of accomplishing that, would have made my life much more meaningful.

As I walked through my neighborhood and saw the crime, the homeless, the

poverty, the alcoholism, and the suffering, it made me realize that the power of an educated

mind was the answer to ending the plague called poverty. As a little girl, I thought the

greatest achievement would have been to have the ability to help others to get to a point in

their lives where destiny opened up a new door for them.

As a child, I would also fantasize that I, as an individual, held a magic wand called

education and that would help me change my society?s addiction to crime. I still think that

the role of education is what shapes our humanity and the more educated our society is, the

less crimes and poverty you would see.

All of my dreams changed as I got older. As one of the first members of my family

to enter college, my one and only focus in life is to work hard and strive as an individual to

succeed in the business world. I think I have become more realistic now and I know that

one person alone cannot change the course of ignorance many people in our society have

set for themselves.

Ultimately, I think it is easier if I just focus my attention on reality rather than

being idealistic and focusing on possibilities. However, I still think that the power of

education is the basis of one?s creativity, as well as individuality. I know my life would

have been much more different if I would have followed my dreams, but I guess I just have

to conform to what it is expected of me. I also have to admit that my imagination can take

me too far and I am very afraid of taking risks that can lead to failure.


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