Child Abuse 6 Essay Research Paper Child

Child Abuse 6 Essay, Research Paper

Child Abuse

Every day another innoncent American youth is abused by a mother, father, or abusive relative. The figures themselves are startling and can in no way be compromised with any reasoning for them. It seems that Americas parents are amoungst the least qualified to be having chilredn than anyone else in the entire world. For instance a case in Denver CO, a mother killed her son saying “I didn’t want to hurt him, but I didn’t want him to hurt me.”. The Boy was two years old and he weighed twenty pounds. It is reasons like this one that I think people shouldn t be allowed to have children until they have proved themselves worthy for the event. Only then should someone be permitted to experience the joy of parenting.

If we look throughout literatue there are various authors who believe the same thing, that Americas parents are, for the most part, not ready for children at all. Toffler tell us his own view within and article entitled Rent-A-Family where he describes a world where parents can go and just rent a family that is stable enough for their children to grow up in. And that special government rules and regulations will be placed into the workings by various organizations; all adding up to a perfect child and a perfect family.

There are those who think that the statistics are over worked and that the amount of neglecting parents are dropping. There has been a drop off in number of reported abuse cases within the last 10 years but a raise in the harshness of the reported cases. It isn t fair to say and lead someone to think, that every child goes home to a drunken father or an enraged mother. No, this isn t the case, but the amounts that are happening are staggering.

I do agree that not every child in America is going home to an abusive home front, but I am also very aware with the amount of children that are. And if people do think the rent-a-family idea is a positive idea, then why do people bother having children at all why not just let the parents become certified and raise their own children? It s not hard to be a parent, only when you let things become complicated does it become hard.

As I stated before if the rent-a-family idea is such a good idea then why not just make all parents complete a course in order to have children. One where they would learn about their child and what to do in certain cituations as well as interact with other parents. So that the parent isn t going into the experience blindfolded and spun around so to speak. Just this in itself may help lead to the ending of child abuse in America.

Only once America s children have been saved from their most dangerous threat, their parents, will we be able to rest at night and be happy to live in this country. Untill then I cant stand to think what s happening in other states, towns, even homes, to children who don t deserve anything more than a lecture or nothing at all. The fact is that child abuse needs to be dealt with and it s writers like Toffler who open the eyes of people around the world.


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