Innova Science And Business Park Essay Research

Innova Science And Business Park Essay, Research Paper


Science and Business Park – Enfield’s

flagship development for the new milleniumBritain’s

newest science park is currently being built on a prestigious 100 – acre site,

just minutes from the M25 motorway the park offers state-of-the-art accommodation,

with scope for future expansion, for high-tech enterprises seeking top quality


direct rail links to Cambridge (and Stansted Airport) in the north and central

London to the south, Innova Science Park will becmoe a haven for knowledge -

based companies involved in scientific research and development, information

technology, multi media and intellectual property; from biotechnology to

back-end software systems. Enfield has played a leading role in the development

of one of the most advanced telematics projects in Europe, providing

cutting-edge internet technology on-site – with the power to deliver the world

of E-commerce and the World Wide Web to your desktop, taking your business to

the desktops of all your potential customers.The

site has already started to attract technologically sophisticated companies

such as BT to a quality environment – capable of taking todays businesses into

the 21st Century – locating alongside Europe’s leading Business Innovation

Centre. ?Europe’s

most successful Business Innovation Centre?Crucial to Enfield’s strategy is its support

for innovation. The Lee Valley Business Innovation Centre (BIC) is one of a

network of 105 BIC’s across Europe. Its principal task is to provide an environment

where specialist support and expertise is always close at hand; targetting

European funds towards new and existing firms with innovative people and

products. Such has been the success of the BIC to date that EC Commissioner

Monika Wulf-Mathias recently announced that the Lee Valley BIC is now the

"fastest growing and most successful Business Innovation Centre ever

created".The BIC

has already supported the launch of more than 40 innovative new businesses;

each with a focus on new technology – in environmental systems, optical

products, vending, photography, furniture manufacture, biotechnology and

communications. ?21st

Century communicationsWhen

work on the Lee Valley Teleregion, a 155Mb intranet communication

infrastructure, is completed this year, businesses in Enfield will have access

to one of the world’s fastest, high capacity data communication systems;

capable of delivering video, audio and digital data simultaneously and at very

high speed.The

area already boasts a high concentration of telecommunications users – with a

wide range of companies engaged in data processing, research, medical

technology, internet services and electronic commerce; each feeding an ever -

increasing demand in the region for enhanced IT capabilities.The Lee

Valley Teleregion will enable Enfield’s businesses to take advantage of the

most up-to-date academic research; giving access to some of the brightest

people and a vast range of digitial communication technologies, including

television, multi media production and distribution, audio-visual production,

audio and video conferencing and data services.


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