Chance Essay Research Paper Heroes are a

Chance Essay, Research Paper

Heroes are a product of a society?s perception of someone to be praised and

adored. The definition of a hero is dependent on that society?s beliefs, laws and taboos.

Heroes have had changing roles since man wrote his story, and all have been the

embodiment of each society, each civilization?s ideals. Sometimes a hero arises that

seems unusual, but because of the current situation is perfect. Chauncey Gardiner was

this hero. In Jerzy Kosinski?s book Being There, Chauncey was a simple man who knew

only of what he saw on television and of his experiences of being a gardener. Because of

this, what he said was simple, but this made him greatly revered. His simple words said

much more to those who had mistaken his identity. His simple words were those of a true

hero. Chauncey was a character meant to be seen as a hero, to give us hope.

Heroes become more and more the personal perception of an individual. Every

individual in the world has a different definition of a hero, and it is only through that

personal realization that a true personal hero may emerge. Chauncey was simple, his

message was clear. This is how he touched so many people. Although some may see

Being There as a satire of our fixation of heroes, it is actually a vision to give us hope.

Many examples for this reasoning are in the book and movie. The book starts off on a

Sunday, the day biblically for God to rest. Throughout the book and movie many

allusions were made to a garden. Most likely a representation for the Garden of Eden. So

maybe Chauncey isn?t just a gardener. Jesus would be considered a ?gardener? of Earth.

Also, Eve Rand, who fell in love with Chauncey, could be seen as a representation for

Eve from the Garden of Eden. The movie ends with Chauncey walking on water, a feat

only Jesus could perform. This leads us to believe that the story was intended to show us

Chauncey was a real hero, to give us hope. The people around him did not see who he

really was, but what he said inspired them. Whether or not what he said was fated to help

them and whether or not he met these people by chance or by fate is irrelevant. He is still

a hero because of what he gave the people around him.

Jerzy Kosinski?s Being There was intended to give us faith in our world.

Sometimes the best gifts come in the weirdest packages. Chauncey Gardiner was a true

hero, although this seemed unlikely because of his mental cognition. Chauncey represents

to me the message that it is important to keep faith and have hope. For when needed, a

hero will come up. Even though they might not be what was expected, they still provide

what we need.


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