Jim Henson Essay Research Paper Jim Henson

Jim Henson Essay, Research Paper

Jim Henson was born on September 24, 1936, in Greenville, Mississippi. He moved

to Maryland in fifth grade and throughout his childhood had a strong interest in

both art and television. His grandmother was very supportive of his interests

and constantly encouraged him to use his imagination. In 1954 Jim started in

television performing puppets on a local channel?s Saturday morning program.

The next year, while studying at the University of Maryland, he was given a

five-minute show called Sam and Friends which aired twice a day. This show

introduced the first Muppets, marionette puppets. The success of this show led

him to many appearances on shows such as The Today Show and The Steve Allen

Show. During this time Jim began making many humorous commercials for sponsors.

With weekly appearances on these shows, Jim asked for the help of a puppet maker

name Don Sahlin and a puppeteer name Frank Oz. ?From 1964 to 1969 Henson

produced several experimental films.? In the mid-60?s Jim was asked to

create characters to populate a new children?s show, Sesame Street. It was

here where he made some of his most famous characters such as Ernie and Bert,

Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird. On this show Jim produced over

two dozen shorts to teach counting and other basics. Soon after his fame on

Sesame Street Jim, after promoting the idea for The Muppet Show for years,

finally received backing to produce. On this show the most famous Muppet of all,

Kermit the Frog, was introduced along with Miss Piggy, Rizzo the Rat, Rowlf the

Dog, Fozzie Bear, and of course Gonzo the Whatever. The Muppet Show became the

most widely viewed television program in the world. From this show many movies

and spin-off television shows have been produced. Jim Henson died in 1990 from

pneumonia right after his last project for Muppet Vision 3-D, an attraction for

Disney World, and right before he was going to sell his company to Disney

Studios. Today his son runs and owns the Henson Company. Jim Henson possessed

many lovable qualities about him but his most important characteristic was his

creativity. Jim Henson created characters that were out of this world and quite

unexpected. Jim Henson also had an extraordinary sense of humor, which attracted

young and old to his television shows. Jim Henson once said, ?Nobody creates a

fad. It just happens. People love going along with the idea of a beautiful pig.

It?s like a conspiracy.? These qualities will definitely serve society

greatly in the next one thousand years. Jim Henson?s creativity will inspire

writers and producers to do the same. This will allow them to attract many

viewers of a broad range of ages. Jim Henson?s humor will also influence the

next millennium of people. His humor will teach people stuck in a world of

seriousness to have a light heart and to laugh once in a while. I believe Jim

Henson has taught everyone an important lesson, that no matter how tough life

gets, you can always find a bit of little humor in it.

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