The Scarlet Pimpernel Essay Research Paper Plot

The Scarlet Pimpernel Essay, Research Paper

Plot Summary

Chapter 1

Paris, September 1792

In Chapter One, the aristocrats, traitors to France, were trying to get through the Barricades so they would no longer

have to be slaves of the king. Many, though, would get caught, go to trial, and be sent to the guilliotine. In order to

aviod this awful fate, they would try to disguise themselves to get through. Men dressed as women, children as

beggars, etc. Sergeant Bibot, who protected the West Gate Barricade, would catch almost everyone. At one point,

though, so many people had escaped that they had to double the guards at each gate. They were in charge of finding a

man called “The Scarlet Pimpernel”. He and a group of Englishmen were responsible for the growing number of

escaping aristocrats. At the end of the chapter, the Sergeant lets a lady with a cart through the gates after she tells

him that her cart carries her grandson, who was ill of the plague or smallpox, they weren?t quite sure.. Bibot was

approached soon after by a general and a small band of his men who were searching for The Scarlet Pimpernel, who

told Bibot that he had just let the infamous man go through the gates. The general and his men raced out of the gates

after the cart, and Bibot found out later that the general was the “The Scarlet Pimpernel” and his ?army? was a group

of escaping aristos.

Chapter 2

?..Dover : The Fisherman?s Rest

This Chapter takes place in The Fisherman?s Rest, an inn owned and operated by Mr. Jellyband and his daughter

Sally. In this chapter, a group of fishermen who are staying at the Rest talk about what is going on in France.

Chapter 3

The Refugees

Chapter Two is continued in this Chapter. In it, it is discussed how Marie Antoinette?s friend was killed and how

many people?s only sin are their aristrocated names. Although Burke was trying to get the British government to fight

the revolutionary government of France, Mr. Pitt did not feel that their country was fit enough to engage in another

war. As for Mr. Jellyband and his fellow John Bulls, who were royalists and anti-revolutionists, they were furious

with Mr. Pitt for his caution and moderation. Then they had company come, Lord Antony Dewhurst. He liked Sally,

but Mr. Waite did not approve of this. Mr. Waite, Pitchen, Hempseed, and Antony Dewherst were saying how ?them

rascals in France are favoured, yet they murder their kings?. Then Lord Antony told Mr Jellyband that Sir Percy and

his wife were coming. They all eat dinner with the Comtesse, her son, Vicomte, and her daughter, Suzanne, whom

Lord Antony takes a fancy to.

Chapter 4

The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel

Sir Andrew and Lord Antony are still at the Fisherman?s Rest, where two strange men were playing cards in the

corner of the room of the room. When they were finished their game, one of the men got up and loudly announced to

the people eating that he was going to bed, while the other one very quietly and sneaky slid under the table would no

one would see him. . After the man left, there was to be heard a sigh of relief from the guests eating. Lord Antony

discussed the safe trip of Suzanne., Vicomte and the Comtesse to England. Then the guests discussed the Scarlet

Pimpernel and how impossible it was for them and Suzanne to thank him because he works in disguise. They say in

Paris every time a royalist escapes to England, the public Prosecutor recieves a paper with the little red flower on it,

the scarlet pimpernel. Lord Antony tells them he works for him. There are 19 of them and 20 counting the Scarlet

Pimpernel, who is in charge. Just as Suzanne begins discussing her dislike of Marguerite Blakeney, she and Sir Percy


Chapter 5


Marguerite and Percy arrive at the Fisherman?s Rest. In France, St. Just and his party triumphed but here, staring at

three refugees Susan, Vicomte and Comtesse, who were driven from their country, there stood a fair screen. The

Comtesse then forbid Susan to speak to Marguerite . The Comtesse said that since she was in England now, she was

able to forbid her daughter to speak to her.

Chapter 6

An Exqiusite of ?92

Sir Percy, a year or two to the right of thirty, was one of the richest men in England. He was the most boring and the

dullest man, though had brought back from France a most beautiful wife, Marguerite. When they married it was said

that the cleverest woman in Europe linked her fate to the ?demmed idiot?. Now, going back to the story at the

Fisherman?s Rest, Marguerite is telling Percy about the insult she was given. Then the Vicomte offers Percy his sword

for a duel to make up for his mother?s behavior. Now Lord Blakeney discusses Marguerite?s brother, Armand, who

was going back to France. There was a risk of his death in doing this.Armand would be arriving soon at the

Fisherman?s Rest to say goodbye to his sister. He and Marguerite are very close because they were orphaned at

young ages.

Chapter 7

The Secret Orchard

Now Armand had come to say goodbye to Marguerite. She begs him not to go,but he must. Before he leaves, she

tells hims about how Percy no longer loves her. He lost interest. He’s very sweet and is always there but there is no

love between them.

Chapter 8

The Accredited Agent

Marguerite tells the story of how she denounced the Marquis de St Cyr and his whole family to the tribunal of terror

and this made Percy lose his love for her. She also runs into her friend Chauvelin, who is a spy. He had been sent over

from the Republican Government with the orders of finding out as much as he could about the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Chapter 9

The Outrage

Lord Antony and Dewhurst ,while in their room at the, “Fisherman?s Rest” discuss how the Scarlet Pimpernel was the

woman with the cart, then how Antony must get the Comtesse safely out. When Lord Antony and Dewhurst were in

the room talking, the two men whom were playing cards earlier in the coffee room came up behind them and

kidnapped them with their business papers.

Chapter 10

In The Opera Box

Marguerite is in the opera box and Chauvelin sneaked-up behind her with news of her brother Armand. He told her

that he found a note saying he was under The Scarlet Pimpernel. Chauvelin told Marguerite the only way her brother

would be safe is if she would give in the Scarlet Pimpernel at Lord Grenville?s ball.

Chapter 11

Lord Grenville?s Ball

At the ball, Chauvelin very secretly tries to discover all he can from the Prince of Whales about who The Scarlet

Pimpernel is.

Chapter 12

The Scrap of Paper

Marguerite discovers who could be the Scarlet Pmpernel. It may be Lord Hastings, because at the ball when she was

walking across the room very quickly he handed a small piece of paper to Sir Andrew. Marguerite, wanting to read

that paper, disracts Sir Andrew by getting him into a room and knocking a table over just so she would have enough

time to read the note.

Chapter 13


The note had stated that the Scarlet Pimpernel would be in the supper room at precisely one o?clock. Marguerite

contemplated about whether she would give Chauvelin this news and spare her brother?s life, or save the Scarlet

Pimpernel, whomever this man was.

Chapter 14

One O?clock Precisely

Marguerite choses to save her brother and tells Chauvelin about the Scarlet Pimpernel. She told him that he should be

in the supper room at one o?clock. Chauvelin spies on the room, but the only thing he finds is Sir Percy asleep on a


Chapter 15


The Scarlet Pimpernel never showed up, even though Chauvelin kept spying in the room. Chauvelin ran into

Marguerite, told her the news, and then said that her brother Armand?s life was in danger until he had the Scarlet

Pimpernel in front of him

Chapter 16


After the ball, Percy bought Margurite home. When they got there, she was outside staring into the ocean view when

she called out to Percy. She asked him about their love and why it had died. He said that she left him hanging, kicked

him aside and left him with no explanation of the Marquis de St. Cyr. She cried to him about everything that had

happened to her with Armand. He was still in love with her but she had hurt him so bad that all he could do was stand

there while she wept in front of him.

Chapter 18

The Mysterious Device

Marquerite was curious as to what was in Sir Percy’s “study” while awaiting the arrival of a school fellow. As she was

looking around, she noticed a beautiful portrait of Boucher, Percy’s mother, who had died when he was only a young

boy. She also noticed a collection of maps and wondered about them. Not wanting to be caught by her husband,

however, Marguerite hurried out of the study and managed to knock something over. It was a golden ring that she

had only seen twice before – at the Poera and at Lord Grenville’s Ball.

Chapter 19

The Scarlet Pimpernel

After leaving the study, Marguerite takes a better look at the golden ring and notices that it’s the symbol for the

Scarlet Pimpernel! This moment holds her realization that the mysterious figure is indeed her husband!! Suzanne

comes to visit and says her father is going to be saved by the Scarlet Pimpernel, so marguerite immediatly gets ready

to go meet him because she is worried for his life. She figures that it is better off if they die together.

Chapter 20

The Friend

Marguerite orders her carriage to be taken to where Sir Andrew is. There, she begs him to help her and he finally

does. She tells him to meet her right at “The Fisherman’s Rest”, where the tow of them would start their journey to


Chapter 21


Marguerite and Sir Andrew meet in dover in this chapter and prepare for their journey. Unfortunatly, a bad storm

coming from France holds them back from getting to the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Chapter 22


Finally, Marguerite and Sir Andrew make it to Calais. Hungry and tired, they stop at a place owned by a French man

named Brogard. At dinner, Sir Andrew asked if they had seen a “tall Englishman” and Brogard replied that the man

would be back for dinner. Marguerite could hardly contain herself. Now, they all simply awaited the Scarlet

Pimpernel’s arrival.

Chatper 23


After leaving Brogard’s place, Sir Andrew lets Marguerite knows that they’re only about one hour ahead of

Chauvelin. Worried by this, Marguerite tells Brogard that she needs to rest and pays him to get her stay in the attic,

which is a good place to see but not be seen. After a half and hour, if Percy was not there yet, Sir Andrew would


Chapter 24

The Death-Trap

While hiding in the attic, Marguerite heard footsteps which turned out to be Chauvelin and his company. Marguerite

was listening to his plans on how to get the Scarlet Pimpernel, realizing throughout this that she had no control over

what was going to happen.

Chapter 25

The Eagle and the Fox

Desgas, Chauvelin’s accomplice, left to recreuit more of the men. While awaiting their arrival, Chauvelin was very

surprised to see the Scarlet Pimpernel walk in. Maruerite had no idea what to do, she was extremely nervous. The

two men were sitting there talking in a friendly manner when Chauvelin realized that desgas would be there in several

minutes. While chauvelin was in pain , he flew out of the room.

Chapter 26

The Jew

When Desgas arrived, they had no idea of the whereabouts as well as no sight of the Scarlet Pimpernel. However,

Desgas introduced Chauvelin to an old Jew, whom the ?tall Englishman? had visited to see if he could use his cart and

mule. The Scarlet Pimpernel had picked Reuben, the Jewish man?s friend, but his cart is slower than the old Jew’s, so

the Jew let Chauvelin use his cart for some gold pieces and then set off for the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Chapter 27

On the Track

A few moments after Chauvelin and his men set out after the Scarlet Pimpernel, Marguerite followed them. She made

sure she was far enough behind, though. While stopping, she crept close to make sure she could hear their plans ffor

the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Chapter 28

The P?re Blanchard?s Hut

Marguerite had surprisingly made it ahead of Chauvelin and Desgas. She was in pain, but not too far away from P?re

Blanchard’s Hut when all of the sudden she felt a hand grab at her skirt. she was then choked and captured by


Chapter 29


Chauvelin sat Marguerite against the rocks and told her that when he took the hankercheif off, if she said anything to

try to warm them, he would immediatly seise them and kill them. Trying to think wickly, she heard a distant voice

singing, “God save the king.”

Chapter 30

The Schooner

Once they ran into the hut and found no one there, they heard oars paddeling quickly through the water. They found a

note from the Scarlet Pimpernel to his men with directions on where to go. This let Chauvelin know he was waiting

down by the creek. Several of his men ran down to see if they could capture him. Chauvelin had ordered the Jew to

be beaten and after that let Marguerite know that she was being left there until dawn.

Chapter 31

The Escape

Marguerite did not know whether Percy was alive or in the hands of the soldiers of the Republic. Undecided if she

was dreaming or not, Marguerite heard Percy’s voice coming closer- and it was him. Not long after, Sir Andrew was

reunited with them and they helped out the knew as well. They finally got on the Day Dream and made it safely



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