Romeo And Juliet Essay Research Paper Once

Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research Paper

Once upon a time there was a love struck boy. He was called Romeo Monteque. He was penury for the love of a young maiden, Rosaline. She was an exquisite charm to Romeo. But, Romeo was a pensive man because Rosaline’s love for Romeo was naught.

There was an enemy to the Monteques though. A family called the Capulets. Romeo had a cousin that’s name was Mercutio. He was very rash and everyone knew his sarcastic disposition. He was cunning in a way that changed many lives.

“Romeo, please, come out into the sunlight. Meet some young ladies and impute on having a new love. There is a big gathering for young ladies and men at the Capulet’s home. Why don’t you just come along and augment your thoughts on other women?” Mercutio explained to Romeo. “My mind has grown nimble that Rosalyn is the one for me, but I will attend. I will wear a mask to cover my name and features.” Romeo decided.

Meanwhile, Capulet’s daughter, Juliet was seeking men for future marriage. She felt baleful because she had no intentions on really meeting a guy; this was a request from her parents. Juliet beseeches her parents on waiting, but she had no choice. Lord and Lady Capulet were only worrying about Juliet’s semblance. At the gathering, Juliet was to be approaching a groom.

When the night came, Romeo and Juliet had love at first sight. Their families were enemies though which was portentous. Juliet had a fickle but honest at sometimes friend who was her nurse. She was like an apothecary. She reveled taking care of Juliet though and always wanted the best for her. “Go for Romeo, I can tell you really love him. Do it!” the nurse explained. So she did.

Friar Laurence secretly wed the two.

A fight broke out one day between Mercutio and Juliet’s cousin, Tybult. They both had belligerence in their eyes. Tybult was getting bothered by Mercutio’s boisterous attitude and they fought. This resulted in death. Tybult caused great anguish by stabbing Mercutio in the stomach. This made Romeo so mad that he mangled Tybult. This resulted in Romeo’s banishment from Verona so; he had no choice but to leave his love. But not for long!

Romeo came back to Juliet’s great walls and he would see her even though his life was at risk. While he was gone another man was reposed in his place so they thought! Paris loved Juliet and wanted to marry her. Paris knew about Romeo and he was envious of Juliet’s love for him.

The decision was made that Juliet would have a nuptial for Paris and herself. Romeo and Juliet knew they could not live that way.

Juliet went to her honest friend, Friar Laurence in valor with her grievance. “Please, I come to you importuning on this invocation. I chide myself for falling in love, but this is extreme. Is there any way we can be together? I know I must sound like a child and disparaging myself, but he means so much to me. Please, associate us! He is everything for me, not to sound haughty or anything but, please!” Juliet beseeched.

“Okay, I have a conclusion. You must listen very carefully. There is a poison you can take that will kill you for 48 hours. This way everyone will think you are dead. I could send a message to Romeo telling him the plan. Once you awaken you could leave with Romeo forever.” Friar Laurence explained. “Well then, I will send the message right away!”

There was a horrible mess up though. The message wasn’t sent in time. Therefore, the first message Romeo got was that Juliet was dead. So, Romeo went right to her tomb.

“There she lie, dead. I must be with her. I must leave earth too.” Romeo took his suicidal poison and died. Just than, Juliet awakens and saw Romeo dead. She could not just see him lie there. The knife caught her eye and immediately Juliet killed herself. This story shows how much love can really kill you.

-The End-


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