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More Joy In Heaven Essay Research Paper

More Joy In Heaven Essay, Research Paper

Title Of Book: More JOy In Heaven

Author:Morley Callaghan

Type of Book: Historical Novel

Theme:In the eyes of the law,” once a criminal

always a criminal”. Despite one’s efforts

to change him or herself.

Plot:Kip Caley is given the benifit of the

doubt and is released from jail on the sole

word that he is a changed man.He is given

the opportunity to begin his life over.He

does so by trying to help his friends avoid

making the same mistake he made many years

back. Kip Caley was aware of his friends’

plot to rob a bank, and warned them the

last minute. Kip was caught in the crossfire

of the law and his ex-convict friends.He

later died in the Hospital.


Kip Caley- survivor, brave, ex-convict who is

released from jail before his parole

and completely changed his lifestyle.

Julie Evans- timid, paranoid, a model as well

as Kip’s girlfriend who is mad at the


Protagonist:I believe that the system is the

villain in this story because they

never gave Kip an actual fair chance

to reconstruct his life.

Antagonist:I think Kip Caley is the hero because

despite the hardship he’s been through

and the years he spent in prison, he

came back and was now trying to make

an impact on society.

Setting:This story commences during the Christmas

holidays in the early 1900’s in Toronto.

Mood:The story gave me mixes emotions.When Kip

was happy I was happy,when nothing went his

way I felt bad.

Style:The irony in this story was that although

the towns people believed Kip was a changed

man, in the end, he was the first to be

suspected of bank robbery.

Political or Social Importance:Kip was being used

as a money maker for Jenkins and that is

why he got the job at the hotel. He was

being used to make a profit for the people

in power.

Recommendation:I do not recommend this book to an

individual who is trying to discover him

or herself. I feel this book would not

motivate a person to change if he or she

feels that it will have but a negative

effect on his or her decission to change.

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