Cpr Essay Research Paper Have you ever

Cpr Essay, Research Paper

Have you ever wanted to take CPR and are wondering what you have to do and why it’s important? CPR training or classes are important especially when you are working with children, even if you are just a mother. If something happened to the child you would be able to do nothing if you didn’t take a CPR class, or not the right thing. You could injure the child if you do it incorrectly.

You HAVE to be gentle with the child, it’s imparitive!! The child has bones that break if you don’t push you compressions on the right spot. CPR might not seem like an easy class, but you have to remember that it’s for the good of the children. I’ll teach you what you have to do during CPR, BUT I still recommend that you go and take a class, because you learn lots more.

For the infant you need to: Shout thir name and gently tap the infant on their shoulder. DO not shake or if you do shake a little, DO NOT shake hard. You could kill the baby. If there is no response from your shout and gentle tap then position the baby on their back. (This is so that you can see if the baby’s breathing.) The next stepis to open the airway by using a head tilt, lifting of the chin. DO NOT tilt had back too far! You could break the baby’s neck and then you wouldn’t be saving it anymore. Step 3 is to give two SMALL gentle breaths into the baby’s mouth, but only if the baby’s not breathing. You HAVE to cover the nose and the mouth of the baby. That is IMPARITIVE. There are no ands, ifs, or buts about it. The small breaths that you gave should be 1.5 to 2 seconds long. You should see the infants chest rise with the breathing that you put in. Step 4 is when you need to feel for a pulse. Try to feel for the pulse in the inside upper arm, it’s easier that way. Step 5 is to give 5 gentle chest compressions. The rate of the compressions AND the breaths are 100 sets per minute. You need to position the third and fourth finger in the center of the chest. It has to be ? inch below the nipple of the baby. You have to press down only ? to 1 inch on the chest. Then, you repeat it over.

While you are doing this to the infant, you should have sent someone to call for an ambulance. If there is nobody with you. Do CPR for a couple minutes then call, but DO NOT leave the baby alone! If you are calling you need to be pretty near to the baby. If someone is coming past you, ask them to call for an ambulance. Usually people don’t mind if it’s for a good cause. Of course it is in this situation.

Now for children. Children are a lot a like. You have to be careful with them. You need to be very gentle. There are just a couple things that are different for the children. Most of it IS the same. So, I’ll teach you CPR for the children! It’s not that complicated, so don’t worry.

While you are alone with the child you should only give the child a minute of not breathing before calling 911. As I said with the infants, you should have somebody else call so that you can give all your attention to the child. For the compressions, instead of using your third and fourth finger like you did for the infant, you are going to use the heal of your hand. You need both of the hands on the body. One of your hands is going to be over the other one to give it a little more strength. You want your hand to be ON the sternum. Again, MAKE sure you are very gentle while doing this. You still need to check for their breathing by the tilting of the head. The steps are exactly the same, but some of the technique is different for the children. Only press the sternum down 1 to 1.5 inches. (It can go a little bit further than the infants.) Still give the chest compressions at the rate of 100 sets per minute. Instead of giving two small gentle breaths, you are going to give one full breath. You follow that by the 5 chest compressions.

These are some simple basic steps to follow. I recommend that everybody go take a CPR class. They are actually pretty fun. You get to learn how to be safe with the children and make sure that they don’t die or get hurt. When you become a lifeguard, if you do, then there are going to be other things involving CPR that you’ll have to do. You’ll have to go the children out of the water and then start doing CPR. There are other things that come into play too. I’m sure it’s that way for every job.

I hope all you you had fun learning about the basics steps of CPR. I would enjoy seeing all of you at a CPR class. I hope that you understand WHY CPR is important.


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