The King Of Shannara Essay Research Paper

The King Of Shannara Essay, Research Paper

The First King of Shannara

Terry Brooks

This story takes place after an event called The Great Wars. These wars, some people believe will actually come to pass, involving nuclear weapons. In these wars almost the entire earth population is wiped out there were barely any survivors. The people who did survive did different things to do so, thus forming different races. Such as the Gnomes who dug deep beneath the earth s surface to escape radiation, they adapted and formed sharp vision in the dark, thick skin and became built very short and stocky. When the earth was inhabitable once again all of the races came together gathering what little knowledge they could of the old world. Then selected a group of people to discover anything they might have missed and put the knowledge to use. This group of people were called Druids. One of the Druids, named Brona, believed that science was a waste of time and magic should be the science of the new world. However the rest of the Druids disagreed and Brona left them to pursue his own interests. Later after studying magic Brona managed to Captivate the race of trolls and lead them into the four lands to take over the world. But the was another druid who pursued the study of magic, but only because he knew there needed to be someone to stop Brona if he ever got out of hand. This Druids name is Bremen. The story is about Bremen and his friends and there attempt to stop Brona. The other characters are: Kinson, a man from the border of the south and the west called the borderlands. He travels with Bremen. Also accompanying Bremen a girl named Mereth, she has an innate magic passed to her through, blood very rare these days and very powerful maybe even more so than Bremen s magic.

I would not recommend this book to anybody impatient or narrow minded, it is very detailed and is not practical at all. I would however recommend it to someone who likes to dream and likes shows like Star Trek, even though I don t. It s a great escape from the world and there is about six more books so you can get away for weeks.


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