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Cloning Essay, Research Paper


Imagine how life would become so hard when millions of people, they all look alike, think alike, or even dress alike. Even though it sounds like it would only happen in Sci-fi movies and novels, in fact, it could really accomplished by the process of cloning. The idea of the cloning is to selectively pick the genes from someone (or some animals as well), and conduct these genes into a newborn??s DNA. According to Kolata, Dr. Ian Wilmut and Dr. Keith Campbell, of Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland produced Megan and Morag; the first cloned sheep from embryo cells. That was just the beginning of their tests. On July 5, 1996 at about 4:00 P.M. lamb number 6LL3, better know as Dolly, was born in a shed down the street from the institute. Dolly weighed in at 14 pounds and was healthy. The process of cloning was accomplished by using frozen mammary cells taken from a six-year-old pregnant ewe and fusing them with an enucleated egg. This process had a lot of failures and took a long time to perfect the process. If cloning can be successfully applied on human body, people can eventually adopt the genes from somebody other than his or her biological parents. However, human life is more valuable than other animals, the test of cloning on human can never be allowed. From the knowledge of sheep cloning, it takes Dr. Keith Campbell and Dr. Ian Wilmut two hundred fifty seven tries to succeed; which means if something is wrong in the procedures with cloning human being at least two hundred fifty seven of cloned human babies who come out deformed would be aborted, killed, or thrown away for lab purposes. The risk of mistakes proves that cloning human beings can never be allowed.

Assuming people could be successfully cloned, however, the consequences of applying cloning on human beings would create many problems. For example, regulations of controlling the business corporations or hospitals that sell genes would have many problems and very complicated, the threat of master race and public safety, and overpopulation.

If the dream of cloning came true, many genes banks would appear, the first thing need to be done is to regulate the genes. But, what would be the standard of good genes and bad genes? Could people clone as many children as they want, or certain restrictions need to be set? An extreme problem is the principle of cloning would allow people to clone any animals?? genes into human DNA, so Batman, or Spiderman would not be a cartoon or movie??s characters anymore. They could be cloned, and join into the human population. However, the cases of cloned Spiderman and Batman do sound ridiculous, but there is a possibility to clone a person with animal genes. Let us first ignored the original purpose of cloning human DNA with animal genes; if there was a man who was cloned to be having a pair of wings like birds??, would he be classified as a human being, an animal, or an angle? There would be many new issues and social problems that our government regulators need to confront with if the cloning was successfully used on human beings. This issues and problems would also create many different opinions in the public that could lead our society into chaos.

One of the points that is claimed to be opposing cloning is the threat of master race. If we could clone humans, then people like Adolph Hitler and other dangerous terrorists and murders would also be cloned. Hitler believed in a master race in which every man, woman, and child was blue-eyed, and blond-haired. This master race was superior to all others because it possessed the strongest genes. He felt that all other races were inferior and though they should be destroyed. Hitler??s hatred toward Jewish had once happened in our society, and it was terrified. If the uses of cloning were practiced to reproduce Hitler or many Hitlers, then we would have another world war, which could be the end of human history. Another threat of a master race would be only perfect people surviving. This would occur because only the perfect person would be cloned. The perfect clones would threaten society and discriminate the not so perfect people. After all if all human races were cloned, then the not so perfect people in the world would become extinct. These two examples show how human cloning would pose a threat of a master race. Another problem would be brought to the society by the cloning that is somewhat similar to the threat of master race is the public safety. If there were too many people who were cloned to be alike to each other, then when one of these people committed a crime, he or she would be hardly identified. Therefore, many invisible criminals could hide within the population and threat the public.

However, to those people who prefer cloning, it doesn??t sound as bad as the things that have been mentioned. Cloning could reproduce human body parts that can be replaced in human bodies, if some defects or illnesses occurred in one??s old original body parts. The pro-cloning people advocate that people could live longer, younger, and healthier by the means of cloning. What could be more grateful than things like having a longer life or living forever! For example, cancer is the most common untreatable disease in the world, but, these problems will be solved by practicing cloning, if somebody??s liver was not functioning well, just go to ??, operated by some cloning company, and they would deliver you a new liver as soon as possible. However, animals are space defenders creatures, and human beings are not excluded. When people could keep changing the body parts to live longer, this world would be crowed with people, and the aftermath of overpopulation would surely bring the society more problems then ever. Just like mice, when they reproduced too many fetuses, which could end up with eating off the fetuses to keep more room for living. If cloning made people ending up with killing each other, then the years that scientists had been putting into the investigation of cloning would be a biggest joke in the humans?? history.

Cloning, however, could be used on other animals as a purpose to advance the quality of meat, for example a better quality cloned beef, and to protect extinct animals. Otherwise, cloning makes human life meaningless. People would not respect life as the most important thing in the world, since it could be so easy to reformed or reproduced. Moreover, the problems that were brought by cloning could be very critical. No one wants Hitler to be alive again killing other races and forming his crazy master race concept; the cloned Batman would rather create problems and pressures to our society than having the passions of saving the world and defeat the criminals. Combining all this factors, the usage of cloning should never be allowed and the further investigation associated with cloning on human beings should be terminated.


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