Book Reporte The Eye Of The Tiger

Book Reporte- The Eye Of The Tiger Essay, Research Paper


1) Write a different beginning or a different ending for the story.


1) I chose to write a different ending for the story.

In the ending of the story, I found out that the girl that called herself ?Sherry North? was a policewoman in disguise, that since chapter 7 (that started in page 26) was lying to Harry, by telling him that she?s Sherry North. That?s why I think that the story should be like that the policewoman is really Sherry North, and in the ending of the story Harry rescues Sherry and they live happily ever after.

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I would like to add that there is a thing that I didn?t like in the story. About every 10 pages someone was killed, and in the ending only the policewoman and harry stayed alive, and in the beginning of the story there where about 9 people, and it kind of bothered me.


2) Which character in the story did you

like or dislike in the story.


2) The character I liked the most in the story

is Harry Fletcher.

I liked him because after he was in crime, he became a nice man that all he wanted is a peaceful life on a quiet place.

After his old crime body ? Many Resnick, decided to look for him, he didn?t give up and still gust looked for a peaceful life.

I think he was a very brave man, and a very smart man that had a lot of ideas how to get out of the mess he was in.

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I also liked how he knew to gauge people. When He met the blonde girl that told him she?s Sherry North, he knew how to test her.

Because of all this things he is the character I liked most.


3) Design a new book jacket for the book.


3) I would design the book jacket I would

keep the front page of the book exactly the

same as it now because I think it describes

book very good.

I would change the back page of the book

to look like this:

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Than Materson whispered, ?Now!? and I

was looking in to the black mouth of

Guthrie?s gun.

I could not breathe.

Something was worrying me.

?Oh my God, Judith!? I shouted.

I ran back to the truck and drove of as

fast as I could.

?We?ve got to stop Judith. She mustn?t go

on the Wave Dancer? I shouted.

I shouted, but she couldn?t hear me.

She was too far away. I knew that was

to happen.

There was a bright blue flash and a

terrible explosion.

I had lost my boat and Angelo lost


The eye of

Of the Tiger

Written by: Iftach Arbel.

Name of the author: Wilbur Smith.

Genre: Adventures.

Number of pages: 80 pages.

The time it took me to read it: 2 days.


Pages 3-4: Question number 1.

Pages 5-6: Question number 2.

Pages 7-8: Question number 3.


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