Renisance War Essay Research Paper What do

Renisance War Essay, Research Paper

What do you think the renaissance was? A discovery, a rediscovery, a phase or maybe all three. These questions are what I will address in this essay as well as what my personal feelings on all of them are. I believe that the renaissance was a mixture of all three each contributing in it s own way. Each of these statements describes a little about which the renaissance, which starts my first topic.

The renaissance was rediscovery in that old info was used to create new. The renaissance was rebirth of the arts and sciences as well as knowledge. What was once used by artists and scholars from the past was being examined and studied. Art came back into the scene with many famous painters and sculptors who were now being paid to make the works of art. Knowledge of the world around us was once again being studied and previous ideas were being replaced with new ones. Scholars looked at theories made by their predecessors and with the technology of their time and were being reevaluated. So as you can see that what was once used was being used again.

Even though in some ways the renaissance is a rediscovery it was also a discovery in all technological, architectural and artistic things. During the renaissance many new architectural advances were made. Some of the most stunning buildings ever created were made during this time, like the Sistine chapel. Even the most insignificant discovery like the turning of a brick caused such a large change in this field. Many discoveries in the world about them were made as well. Questions like why are objects pulled down were being asked. Other questions were being asked on astronomical proportions such as what causes the earth to orbit the sun. Probably the biggest event during the renaissance was art. The finest pieces of art ever created came out of this time of discovery. The discovery in art was that of its religious importance to make peoples faith stronger in what there was no physical proof of.

Lastly the renaissance was a phase. It was a one time occurrence of what, how and why info was depicted. Information was sought after to help understand the world about them. Church and science could coexist so people were allowed to try and find answers for which they had previously accepted as god s work. The other one-time occurrence during the renaissance was patronage. No longer are the times of when wealthy aristocrats would pay for artists to create sculptures or paintings for the benefit of a town or city. This act was a one-time occurrence and is rarely practiced today.

As you can see the renaissance was a mixture of all these things making it a truly unique period of time. People discovered new things about the world, rediscovered old ways, and experienced things that will probably never be again. The renaissance is probably one of the few times that all three of these categories have occurred making it one of the most interesting times in history.


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