Psalm 96 Essay Research Paper The AnalysisPsalm

Psalm 96 Essay, Research Paper

The Analysis-Psalm 96 A Psalm of Praise

When analyzing a psalm of praise it is important to keep in mind that Psalms are poetry; and therefore do follow some of the rules of poetry. There are usually identifiable elements and structures in a Psalm similar to that those that might be found in a literary poem much like many of us learned and studied in secondary education classes early in our lives.

I will be analyzing Psalm 96, when reading this assignment in particular the Ryken readings; I had some thoughts I would like to share. Praise is a powerful word, but in the past I always thought of praise to god, but with the insight this class provided I learned that any man can praise any god of being he should so choose. And the all of the elements of praise will still be present.

Now looking at Psalm 96 in particular, there are a few main points I will try to explain from my reading of the Ryken text and Psalm 96.

Elements of Praise

Elevation and Exaltation-In Psalm 96 the writer definitely raises God to a new level among everybody else, it is very evident in Psalm 96:4 ” For Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods. We can see by the quotation that God is definitely elevated and exalted among all others.

Direction of Focus-Keeping in accordance with Ryken’s text, the author of Psalm 96 gets the reader to focus all of his attention on God and the grace of God and the workings of God. When looking at Psalm 96:7-10 it gets the reader to really see the power and grace of God, and that he really is all powerful, everlasting, and omnipotent.

Declarative Vs Descriptive Praise

According to the Ryken text these are the two main types of praise. When reading Psalm 96 for the first time, one might believe that it does incorporate both descriptive and declarative praise. After reading a few more times, it became very evident that it definitely was a descriptive praise Psalm. In particular verse 2 where the author writes, “proclaim his salvation day after day” We see that the author is pointing us in the direction that God does great things every day and not just one particular event.

Form of the praise Psalm

Introduction to Praise-In Psalm 96 the call to sing praise to the Lord comes in verses 1-3. These verses introduce God by name, and tell of all his greatness to all people who hear and read this Psalm. These verses also set the mood of the Psalm, which I believe to be that of one of rejoicing and communal, not somber and private.

Development of Praise-The author of Psalm 96 does a good job of this, there are many references to the work and glory of God most of them found in verses 4-12. It explains what and where God’s work is done, and whom his teaching and his love will affect. It also explains how people should worship the Lord God and the good that will come from it.

Looking at this Psalm as a whole, I find it very interesting. The mood the author provides is very positive and uplifting. The author is trying to get a “pep rally” for God going, he is explaining the greatness of God and his teachings, and trying to bring more people to the Lord.


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