Six Flags Of Ohio Essay Research Paper

Six Flags Of Ohio Essay, Research Paper

After my speech, the class will be informed about the new theme park to hit Ohio, the new Six Flags of Ohio.

I. Introduction

Before this year there were currently twenty-six parks that are in the Six Flags family theme park. This year they are adding a new one that is not far from your own backyard.

II. Throughout this speech I will discuss the new additions, and the calendar to the new Six Flags of Ohio.

A. What’s new at Six Flags of Ohio (

1. Six Flags bought out Geauga Lake at the end of the 1999 season. (Dyer, Stephen)

2. Batman Knight Flight- a floorless megacoaster

3. Superman Ultimate Escape- a “U” shaped LIM coaster

4. The Villain- a wooden coaster

5. Shipwreck Falls- a plummeting boat ride

6. Roadrunner Express- a family roller coaster

7. Hurricane Harbor- a new water park

8. Batman Stunt Show- a daredevil show

9. Looney Tunes Boomtown- a kids area with a Looney Tunes theme.

B. The 2000 calendar (the Sixs Flags of Ohio Brochure)

1. Review the calendar on the back of the brochure

2. Explain the times of the parks operation

3. Ticket Prices

4. Point out the directions

5. Places to stay- Six Flags Woodlands Hotel, Silverhorn camping resort

C. Special Events (

1. Physics Day

2. Outdoor Classroom Day

3. Grad Extreme Weekend

4. Christian Youth Day

5. Gospel Day

6. 2nd Annual Home School Day

7. Old World Oktoberfest

8. Girl Scout Day

9. Boy Scout Day

10. Fright Fest

III. Conclusion

I hope that this speech has informed you of the New Six Flags Ohio. Throughout this speech I have informed you of the new arrivals, the 2000 calendar, and also the special events. I hope you will at least consider visiting the new Six Flags of Ohio.

Rehearsal Timings: 7min 28sec, 8min 35sec, 7min 11sec

Dyer, Stephen. “Big Splash in Geauga Lake”. 19 December, 1999. Akron Beacon Journal “ What’s New at Six Flags Ohio”. 4 January, 2000.

Sixs Flags of Ohio Brochure.


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