I Know What You Did Last Summer

Essay, Research Paper

The book I read was called ?I Know What You Did Last

Summer?, by Lois Duncan. The main theme that I picked

up from this book was that it really doesn?t pay to lie. The

people in this book had to find out the hard way. This is

what happened, they were driving home from the beach at

night, up on windy road. They were a little drunk and a

little high too (another theme not to drink and drive, and not

to get high), but anyway as they were coming around the

corner they hit a little boy on his bike. The boy came out of

nowhere and he didn?t have any reflectors on his bike. Here

is where they made their biggest mistake, instead of going

to help him they drove to a pay phone, passing a restaurant

with a phone because they didn?t want to seem suspicious,

and called an ambulance. They didn?t give their names or

admit to hitting him. The guy who was driving, Barry,

talked them into a pact not to tell anyone. It turned out that

the boy died on the way to the hospital, which makes the

charges against them a lot greater. Especially for Barry

because he was driving. They didn?t tell the cops, their

parents, or their friends. It was almost sad how much they

struggled with this guilt. I know I can?t stand that guilty

feeling. I couldn?t live with my self if it was me in their



I learned that nothing good can come out of lying.

It is just not worth it. I have never lied about something

that serious, but after reading that book I know I never will.

If you read this book you will find out how this accident

continues to haunt them the following summer. They try to

forget it, but they just can?t. It was something that changed

their lives for ever. And believe me it was not a change for

the better. I realized that truthfulness is an extremely

important quality for someone to have. And I value honesty

in my peers even more after realizing how devastating it can

be to lie.

I think the book had a good lesson in it. I don?t

think everything she wrote was believable. Especially how

the brother of the little boy who was killed comes after them

the following summer. I liked how it was suspenseful and

thrilling. And it was very easy to follow and understand.

So, I would recommend reading this book.


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