Buses The Key To A Students Life

Buses, The Key To A Students Life Essay, Research Paper

Dureault 1

Nick Dureault

Dorothea Ryan


October 4, 1999

Busses, the key to some students life

Lately, it seems the day is too short to achieve everything that needs to be done. This Saturday is a perfect example of having absolutely no time. I had to make my way to drivers education, then hurry to work, take my girlfriend out, and do my homework all in the same day.

Saturday morning at seven o’clock I awoke from bed, took a ride on the bus at eight, and was at drivers education just before nine. It took me nearly one hour to wake up, have a shower, get dressed, and hurry out the door to catch the bus. When reaching the stop I realized that I had just missed the bus, so I had to wait half-an-hour for the next bus to come. After it did, I hopped on the bus and took it to my stop. At my stop I stepped off the bus and walked in the drivers education center, two minutes late. As I climbed upstair, I thought “what a day, I hope I’m not this rushed all day.” Just then, the class started.

Thirty minutes till the end of class, it’s two-thirty, and I have to leave early to make work on time. I left the drivers education early, and was out on the street, I thought I had missed the bus, but low-and-behold the bus was on it’s way. Taking the bus to my stop, I walked to Burger King for a quick bite to eat before continuing to work. I left Burger King and hurried to my place of employment, Busters. When I reached Busters I changed, and started working.

Six o’clock came quickly, and I wanted to leave to meet my girlfriend. Nevertheless, it was closing time and I had to count the jewelry before leaving. I

Dureault 2

counted the jewelry as fast as I could, marked it down in the book, and put the jewelry and the book away. Then I had to run into the back of the store to change out of uniform. Once changed, I headed out of the store and ran for the bus. I was thirty seconds away from the stop when the bus zoomed by, which forced me to walk to Kennedy and Queen St.

Walking very fast from Busters to Kennedy, I was counting on that I wouldn’t have to wait for the next Kennedy bus. As I walked to Kennedy, I saw an accident on the corner of Rutherford and Queen St. Continuing to walk to Kennedy I saw my bus coming, so I started to run for it. Dodging through traffic and crossing the streets, I had made it to the bus on time, and my girlfriend was waiting on the bus for me. I went on the bus and sat beside her.

We planned to go to the movies that night, but we had to take the bus there. Approaching Steeles Ave. I rang the bell to get off the bus, the bus then stopped and we walked off. We walked east on Steeles, from Kennedy, to the Orion gate cinemas. Walking along, we made fun of this young kid in front of us because he was hitting every sign post beside the road. When we stopped making fun of the young kid we had reached the theater, so we then went in and purchased our tickets.

The movie Stigmata was great, a thriller with the best parts in the end. Having the best seats in the theater, I thought, was also a treat. The movie was a serious thriller-drama about the Christian faith and a stigmatic. After the movie we had planned to go back to my place, but instead we let a few busses pass by and just chatted.

It took twenty minutes for the bus to come, and when it finally arrived it was already eleven at night, and Brampton busses stop running at twelve-thirty. We stepped on the bus and talked about the movie a little longer. At Queen Street we Dureault 3

stopped for about ten minutes, picked up some passengers and then continued. I took my girlfriend to her stop, stepped off the bus with her, and walked her to her door. After I kissed her goodnight, I walked back to the bus stop, and waited for the last bus to pass by.

The last bus came at just past twelve-midnight, if I hadn’t of made this bus, I would have been walking home. I waited at the stop, at Mayfield Rd. and Hwy. 10, for about fifteen minutes until the bus came. Many cars came speeding by at speeds of more than one-hundred and forty kilometers per hour, which scared me to the far side of the sidewalk. When the bus finally came I was grateful, “phew, no more speeding cars” I thought. The bus took me to my stop speedily, and I was quick to get off the bus.

I made it to my home just before I passed out, and realized I didn’t have enough time, nor was I awake enough to finish my homework. So quickly I washed up and went to sleep because it was too late to finish any homework. When I got underneath my covers I said to myself, “I didn’t have enough time to do everything I needed to do today.” Then I fell asleep until the next morning.


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