Alcohol Essay Research Paper Great controversy surrounded

Alcohol Essay, Research Paper

Great controversy surrounded the 1920 s, Prohibition of alcohol in the United States. Since this time, it has been debated on as to whether the Prohibition of alcohol should be reinstated. There are so many reasons why alcohol should be prohibited, and yet, so many reasons why alcohol should stay legalized. For many years alcohol production, sale, and consumption has been legalized, but during the years 1920 to 1933 alcohol was prohibited. Should alcohol be prohibited? Lets see the reasons why alcohol should be prohibited and why it should remain legal.Many people feel that alcohol should be banned from the United States. These people that say that don t just say that because they feel like saying it, but say it because of all the negative effects it has on human beings. A couple of the worst effects alcohol has on the body is blurring vision and lessens your attention.It effects the way people drive. There are about 25,000 alcohol-related deaths and car crashes every year. And also more teenager deaths are caused by alcohol-related crashes than all diseases combined. All of the alcohol-related crashes and deaths increase every year. Did you know that about half of highway deaths are caused by alcohol-related crashes. An estimated average of 8 young people die every day in an alcohol-related accident. More than 40% of all 16 to 20 year olds deaths were caused from automobile accidents. About half of these deaths are alcohol-related accidents. Alcohol has many other effects to the human body. It effects the control center of the body, the brain. Also theses effects cause the body to function improperly. These being reaction time, tracking, attention, vision, coordination, and road test performance. Besides all the effects alcohol has on the way people drive, it also causes money and family problems. Many alcoholics spend all their money on alcohol at bars and other places. This mainly leads into family problems because the alcoholic is usually always at a bar spending his paycheck or in some cases his wife s paycheck on alcohol. Many marriages and relationships are broken up because of alcohol. Other money problems caused by alcohol is when a person gets a ticket from a police officer, such as a DWI. A DWI is when a person is Driving While Intoxicated. This depends on what state your in because different states have different blood-alcohol levels. Also another way alcohol effects the body is if you are at a party and you or someone else gets drunk, you are in danger of becoming HIV positive. Alcohol will make your mind go blank and want to have sex, this causing sexual contact to incur. If one of these people are HIV positive, it could spread to you or someone you know. An overdose of alcohol effects your liver. Your liver is an organ in the body that protects you from diseases. If this becomes infected, you will become sick more often and remain sick a longer time. An overdose on alcohol also effects the reproductive system. If a pregnant woman ingests too much alcohol, it could lead to a miscarriage or the child becoming mentally retarded. Many people feel that alcohol should remain legal in the United States. Many people that drink and do not drink alcohol fell that alcohol should remain legal because in some cases alcohol has a negative effect like in driving accidents. but if you realize that a drunk driving accident is caused by an irresponsible drinker, not by the responsible drinker. So what is wrong with having a glass of wine with dinner ever night. In fact a glass of wine with dinner every night can actually help you. In Time Magazine recently they had a recent study that has been released which states that a glass of wine a day has been shown to improve liver function, lower cholesterol and lessen the chance of heart disease. Now if alcohol sale or production was abolished, how could have that study been done. Especially in this decade when heart problems are at an all-time high due to the high availability of high cholesterol foods, I say you do anything you can do to help. The twenty-first century is right around the corner and who knows what studies will find? Could alcohol be a cure for cancer? How about AIDS? Who knows what the future holds. So in some cases alcohol can be good.I believe that alcohol should remain legal in the United States. I have to agree that alcohol is a killer, but their are many responsible drinkers out there that take alcohol seriously. One thing I think they should to solve many alcohol problems is put a limit on the production of alcohol. Besides if alcohol was prohibited, many businesses and companies would go bankrupt or be in debt because many alcohol companies are sponsors for sporting events and events. What would a man do on a Friday night if he can t go to a bar, he might do something illegal. And what about all the people that would sneak alcohol in the United States. It would cause chaos. We can t have the U.S. go into chaos in the new millennium. It would be terrible. These are some of the reasons I fell alcohol should remain legal. So in many minds today alcohol should be prohibited in the U.S., but you also have the many that say alcohol should remain legal in the U.S. As of now alcohol is legal, but in the future, will it remain legal in the United States or will it become prohibited once again? What does alcohol hold for the future?


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