Origami Essay Research Paper Rough DraftThe Purpose

Origami Essay, Research Paper

Rough Draft

The Purpose of this paper is to show where origami originated from, and why it is so popular today.

Origami originated in many different places. It was used as far back as 1185, in the Japanese Heian period. The origins of origami are still in dispute, but it seems that all countries say they started it. Of these, China, Japan, Indonesia, and Korea all claim ownership. Origami has a long history in both the east and west, but all styles of origami are more of a sophistication, which is more an artistic meaning rather than a mere craft. Origami comes from the Japanese words Ori, folding, and Kami, paper. When the kami is combined with another word, the k becomes a g. Most of what we know comes from the Edo period in japan, 1603-1867. (Edward). But what we also know is that origami was also in the west when the Moors invaded Spain, in the 8th century.

Origami is used for a lot of things. There are thousands of origami foldings that are useful, along with practical. There are pot holders, boxes, and even wallets. But beyond the Practical items, there is a speritual and meaningful use. Origami is great for hand rehabilitation. Many people have taken this up after having a finger removed to get the hand moving again. Because Origami is not hard to do, many people learn quickly. Noshi, a form of wrapping gifts, as means of good wishes. (Lister). Used for Tstumi, or a formal wrapping. Origami is mainly used for origami tsuki which is authenticating a gift. Origami is a form of visual and sculptural representation that is designed mainly by the folding of a medium . (Lister). Origami is meant for paper certificates. The Heian period, 794-1185 had origami as a nobility hobby. Forms of origami possessed symbolic and ceremonial meanings though. Noshi uses paper folded with a strip of abalone or meat. The Samuri would exchange gifts this way. Basically telling the recipiant that this gift is real, and is honored. Noshi is also known for as a good luck token. The Muromachi period s, 1338-1573, folding style represented the persons level in society. There has been 400 years of mothers teaching their children the art of folding paper. The oldest publication of origami comes from the Edo period. The Folding of 1000 Cranes.

The Ten Commandments of making good Origami are simple and easy to remember. One is to choose suitable paper and cut it to correct size. Two is to fold cleanly and carefully especially at the small points and corners. Three is to work on a hard smooth surface so all of the folds and creases are exact. Four is to run your thumbnail across all of the folds to make the next step easier, and the final outcome more pronounced. Five is the greater exactness of a fold, the nicer the finished work, so take your time. Six is follow each step in the sequence given, and remember the last step, and the step ahead. Seven is to not skip a step, even if you think it is not important. Eight is if you are new to origami; work on the basic foundations, before tackling that one harder model. Nine is to pay attention to all details and instructions. Finally ten is to calm down, and take your time.

There are a few foundations to all origami. The basic Turu, which is used when making birds, cranes and other things with wings. The basic Kite, which is used in making fish, and also used when starting the Turu. And also the Basic Square, used when making balloons, and boxes.

Origami is still popular today. Akira Yoshizami in the 1930 s developed new forms from the existing predated ones, and then created the modern crane used today. Then in the 19th century, turned origami into more of a recreational activity rather than an art form. A conference in Parris, in the 19th century brought both the east and west styles together. Origami is used a lot now for a hobby but it is still popular among littler children making popguns and balloons, and even creating their own new origami forms.


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