Remembrance Dayremembrance Day Essay Research Paper Remembrance

Remembrance Dayremembrance Day Essay, Research Paper

Remembrance Day

On November 11th, Canadians all across the country stop to remember all of the men who died and suffered in war.

The veterans were not the only ones who suffered, for war has no respect for age or sex. Mothers and siblings suffered. Each family dreaded a telegraph boy showing up at their door, for it meant only two things- injury or death.

People knew their freedom was in jeopardy and they were prepared to fight and die for it. Freedom does not give anyone the right to call another person a name. Today people abuse freedom. What does the word mean to you?

Freedom gives me the right to go to school and get the education that I want for my future. It gives me the right to play the sports I like, and to collect whatever I am interested in without having to worry about people judging me for who I am. I can have friends with a different nationality and religion than mine because, in this day and age, we are taught that all people are equal.

On Remembrance Day we wear the poppy, a blood red flower which grew in the fields where many of the soldiers were buried. We wear one to show that we remember the dead.

On November the 11th, we, as Canadians, are not the only ones who stop to remember the men who died and suffered in war. The people in Holland also stand during those moments of silence remembering the Canadian soldiers who died, were injured, and lucky enough to survive. The people in Holland love the maple leaf because our Canadian soldiers fought to save their country. This is what Remembrance Day means to me and all of my friends.

We are not old enough to remember what went on during the wars. We hear stories, but that is all that they are to us-just stories. Some people say that you can never really understand things until they have happened to you. So maybe it is best that we don’t now exactly what went on, but we can do our best to understand. Those soldiers fought for our freedom and for what we have today and we will never be able to repay them for what they did.


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