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William Shakespeare Essay, Research Paper

William Shakespeare

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Moira Triste

An English dramatist and poet, by the name of William Shakespeare, has touched society from the Elizabethan age, to Generation Next. His manifold achievements and literary dominance range from a mesmerising number of published plays, and a renowned theatre company, to merely two narrative poems. His life, his times, and his illustrious achievements prove his is, was, and will always be prevalent in our societies. I now introduce you, to Mr. William Shakespeare.

* * * * *

Born on April 23, 1564, William lived, grew, and developed in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England. He was brought up in a varying class family, with 7 other siblings, him being 3rd born. His mother, Mary, and father, John, lived an upper-class lifestyle, for the first 10 years of William?s life. So, while his father went off to work as an alderman and bailiff, and his mother cared for the family at home, ? he probably attended a local, free, and rather well respected, grammar school.?1 This would be where his remarkable literary skills would get their roots.

The early years of William?s life passed rather uneventfully, to historians knowledge. Only until his early adult years did his life take dramatic turns. His families? fortune dwindled, he tried numerous jobs, and then, at age 18, was granted permission to marry. Anne Hathaway, 26, was his new wife?s maiden name, and they together produced three children, one of which did not survive. In 1588, William left the small town life, and arrived in London, to pursue his budding actor/playwright ambitions. After only four years later, he was established, respected, and had attained his success. Over the next 30 years of his life he produced 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 narrative poems, added around 1500 words to the English language, and ?was admired by almost all of Western civilisation. ?2 He lived a wonderfully full life until April 23, 1616, when at the age of 52 he passed away. A memorial was then held in his honour, at Holy Trinity Church, in Stratford, to remember and celebrate his life.

* * * * *

William lived, grew and flourished under the reign of Queen Elizabeth, during what was called the Elizabethan age. This period, often referred and considered as on one of the greatest periods in English history, was remarkably established with help of William himself. The major cultural, economic, and artistic renaissance was epitomised by William, allowing the world to hear of England’s fortunes. With the arts and literature at an ultimate high, paired with economic prosperity, William was prosperous. He was able to perform in front of nobility, including the queen and future king themselves. With large audiences willing to watch anything ?Shakespeare? or artistic, the theatrical possibilities were numerous. Theatre going became a way of life; the arts became a way to cherish England, and forget the past; and Shakespeare was becoming a household name.

* * * * *

As William artistically matured, his decisions, and plays did, as well. He acted exclusively for ?The Chamberlain?s Men? (later called the King?s Men), held numerous shares in London?s theatres, and ?by 1599 he was part of the contortion to build and own, the Globe Theatre.?3 The theatre was remarkable, and was actually ?the most renowned theatre of Elizabethan and Jacobson London.?4, With its many sided outer wall, enclosing a roofless inner pit, The Globe far surpassed any other theatre of its time. The Theatre, The Curtain, Newington Butts, the Rose, and the Swan Theatre were just a few of the other theatres, around London, that were beginning to find their success within the Elizabethan era. These theatres were very typically built, with open yards surrounded by the galleries.

As large audiences attended these theatres, word of mouth spread the news of upcoming plays and theatrical gossip quickly. Posters were set up, and fused with the publics enthusiasm for plays, provided The Globe with a thriving business. The economic prosperity and small charge the Globe asked, 1-3 pennies, helped with personal gain for anyone associated with The Globe. This boded well for William, since he was receiving 10% of the profits, as well as getting an income from his other successful investments.

* * * * *

Throughout William?s early years at grammar school, his young adulthood, marriage, and adult life, he slowly achieved his pinnacle of success. William Shakespeare, a playwright, a poet, an author, a bard, a father, a husband and a role model, has certainly left a lasting impression on our civilisation. He has altered outlooks and perspective; the theatre as some once knew it; the respect for literary masterpieces; and life from the Elizabethan age to our very own bookshelves. This is a man who is, and should be, remembered for all time.


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