Why Do Women Choose Mr. Wrong Over

Mr. Right? Essay, Research Paper

Why Do Women Choose Mr. Wrong over Mr. Right?

A very common question in life is what makes a woman choose a certain man. Why does it seem that women choose men that are disrespectful opposed to men that are overly emotional and very respectful to women? You would think that most women want to be treated with dignity and kindness. So, then wouldn’t the obvious choice for a woman be the nice guy who treats her sweet over the guy who is disrespectful? Well, when it comes right down to the reality of it all, that is not the case. The reasons for women choosing Mr. Wrong over Mr. Right is that Mr. Wrong plays on the emotional and self-consciousness side of a woman.

Women are usually not very confident with their appearance. A disrespectful guy tends to use this to his advantage. By keeping her confidence level low, and leading her to believe that she cannot do any better keeps her at his side. When a nice guy is sweet to her and tries to build up that confidence level, her first subconscious thought is “Why is he being nice to me? There must be something wrong with him.” This is, of course, an absurd way to think. But when she has to go chasing after Mr. Wrong, subconsciously she is thinking “He must be something special if he’s that hard to catch.” This, of course, is silly thinking as well, but this is what goes on every day in the minds of women.

The mind of a woman is a very complicated thing to understand. Her thought process does not always make sense, even to her. A man who treats a woman poorly makes that woman question whether or not she is worthy of his attention. This causes her to try harder to please

him, and then she simply accepts the treatment she is given. Her emotions end up getting the best of her. Her desires to be wanted and accepted overcome her sensibility, and her mind isn’t thinking clearly. The woman ends up believing that she is lucky to receive any attention at all. On the other hand, when a nice guy is attentive to a woman and pays her compliments on a regular basis, she believes that he is just telling her what she wants to hear. She thinks that his words are just pick-up lines to make him seem suave, instead of words that tell her how he feels and thinks about her. This thought process is enhanced when Mr. Right never says anything negative to her or about her.

Another unfortunate characteristic of human beings is that they always want what they cannot have. The possibility of obtaining something or someone that they think they cannot have is a slight adrenaline rush. The concept of being accepted by a person who doesn’t seem interested in them brings curiosity to its peak. Thoughts like “What’s wrong with me?” and “Why am I not good enough?” make people strive for acceptance.

Part of human nature is to seek out the answers to all of our unanswered questions. In this search for the answers to our questions, more often then not, even more questions arise. This is a vicious circle that can totally consume a woman. Without realizing it, all the time spent looking for the answers to questions like, “Why am I not good enough?” and “Why doesn’t he like me?” are spent devoted to the man who made her question herself in the first place.

The fact that a woman is self-conscious and emotional leads her to a life of negativity and rejection. When a woman with age and maturity decides that she deserves better and has enough confidence in herself, only then does she choose a decent, loving, and caring man to spend her time and her life with. It is a shame that this self-destructive path is followed every day by

millions, but it seems that it is an inevitable path that either makes a woman stronger and more knowledgeable or miserable and in an unhealthy relationship. If only it were human nature for a woman to want to be with a man who equally wants to be with her in return. That would make this world a more wonderful and less confusing world to live in.


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