Thick As A Brick Essay Research Paper

Thick As A Brick Essay, Research Paper

Written and Directed by John Godber

Music by John Pattison

Choreography by Lucy Cullingford

Designed by Pip Leckenby


The play “Thick as a Brick” is a play, which is written and directed by John Godber and was performed by Hull Truck. The music was by John Pattison; the choreography was by Lacy Callingford and was designed by Pip Lakenby. It was a professional performance shown at Greenwich Theatre on the 31st of the 2001.

The plot/Storyline

The play was set in a kind of a school. In there we looked at the lives of three teenagers and their supply drama teacher.

Common Road High is a problem school. They’re

Bottom of the league table and morale is low. There’s

Fighting in the playground, graffiti on the walls,

Switchblades in the corridors and chaos in the hall.

Apathy, truancy and truculence are the favourite

Subjects and that’s just the staff!

So what can you expect from a coach load of

No-hopers on a Wembley trip to see Robbie Williams?

Light the touch paper and stand well back for this

Hilarious new musical comedy from the prolific pen of

John Godber.

Mary Clifford goes back to teaching after a fifteen year

Break, Common road High isn’t anything like the

Romantic notion she remembers of high school

Education. Stacey, Maggie and Kerry aren’t really bad

Girls, they’re just misunderstood. Jimmy Naylor isn’t

Really a crook, he just views things a little off centre and

Mrs Clifford doesn’t really have a problem, she only

Drinks socially!

It’s all here in this hilarious new melting pot from the

pen of John Godber. Singing, dancing and drama fuse

together to make a wonderful explosion of musical

comedy. The ultimate in feel-good factor, THICK AS A

BRICK follows the quest of Stacey, Maggie and Kerry

to the bright lights and big city.

The theatrical style.

This play was very physical in places like in the very beginning all the characters started dancing. The play started with a funny dance like when they kept on saying “I sha’nt say it again”.

In this scene when they go to the Robbie William’s concert and after they go to a motel the manager acted like a pervert and started chatting up the all the girls. He also tried to get into the girls bedroom while they were asleep.


The quality of acting in my opinion was excellent because there were only six actors who were playing all the different characters. The actor I liked the most was Maggie because she was the one sticking out in the play and everyone was concentrating and looking at her. The characters were like high school students and teachers. They all played more than one role. When the different characters appeared I could tell that they are all the same because in one scene when the teacher and the school girl’s dad go to an Indian cuisine and the three girls came out in Indian clothing and were dancing, so like this in every scene there were changes in characters and the same people were playing different roles. The characters were changed by body language, by vocal and costumes. Like the head teacher was standing straight and his voice was very powerful and stern, but when in this other scene when he was the owner of the B&B the voice and body language changed slightly.


The costumes played a very important in the play as well. They all showed the type of play they were playing like in the starting the people in the school, the students were wearing uniform and the teacher was wearing formal clothes.

im in year 10


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