Baseball Anthology Essay Research Paper ANALYSIS OF

Baseball Anthology Essay, Research Paper


It’s about Ball fits

the ball, mitt, but

the bat not all

and the mitt. the time.

Ball hits 5 Sometimes 35

bat, or it ball gets hit

hits mitt. (pow) when bat

Bat doesn’t meets it,

hit ball, bat and sails

meets it. 10 to a place 40

Ball bounces where mitt

off bat, flies has to quit

air, or thuds in disgrace.

ground (dud) That’s about

or it 15 the bases 45

fits mitt. loaded,

about 40,000

Bat waits fans exploded.

for ball

to mate. It’s about

Ball hates 20 the ball, 50

to take bat’s the bat,

bait. Ball the mitt,

flirts, bat’s the bases

late, don’t and the fans.

keep the date.25 It’s done 55

Ball goes in on a diamond metonomy

(thwack) to mitt, and for fun.

and goes out It’s about

(thwack) back home, and it’s

to mitt. 30 about run. 60

In my opinion this poem is explaining the game of baseball. This poem tells you how, where and what the game is all about. the title explains it all. I chose this poem because the reader should know what baseball is and what the fundamentals of baseball are.


Baseball is a game,

It has a Hall of Fame.

In Cooperstown its there,

Getting in is so rare.

Playing in the late 1800’s, 5

In front of crowds that were smaller than a hundred.

Baseball started in a very way,

people need to know how to play.

The Hall of fameis where all the greats are enshrined, (Allusion)

To hear their stories and tales can take a lotta time. 10

To understand baseball is not very tough,

And if you love the game, you can never get enough.

This poem that I wrote is about how baseball started and how the Hall of Fame came about. I wrote this poem with help of my older brother Allan which I dedicate this anthology to.


I see it rise a

to conquer space b

like a rocket c simile

in a race. b

It hovers at a 5

the peak of flight b quatrain

almost past c

my range of sight- b

Then a

Down it dives a 10

by air’s command b

to make a landing c

in my hand. b

This poem is describing a fly ball that someone caught. It is describing what it does from the point it meets with the bat to when it lands into the glove. I chose this poem because this is the best way that you can describe a fly ball.


The baseball drops into your glove,

Sounds like…Thunk!(or Plunk?

or Plop?Whop?)… but stays,

Sounds like…another sunny day,

Dust, sweat shivering down, 5

Clothes plastered to your skin,


Sounds like you caught a flier,

The other side’s out,

And your team leads, 10

Everybody’s yelling like crazy,


water, please…

This poem is telling you of a player that caught a homerun. It describes of how he is sweating out there and is so hot but he still managed to run and jump over the wall to catch the homerun for an out. He is a hero for saving the win. I chose this poem because I like how it show how hard a ball player try to win and save the game eventhough it is unbearable to be outside.


Hit a huge drive

to centerfield

for an out,

a three-run homer

one handed 5 synecdoche

into the bleachers,

got on with an error,

and almost tore

Joe Pepitone’s

head 10


with a line dive single.

This poem is talking about a player, Jackie Robinson, that was a hero for his team. He did everything that he could have done to win the game. If you put the ball in play you have done your job. I chose this poem because in the sport of baseball if you do what you got to do you can win the game.


Overdog Johnson is a guy

who always wins

but hardly tries.

Pitcher sails it.

Johnson nails it. 5



Pitcher steams it.

Johnson creams it.

Thwack! 10


Pitcher smokes it.

Johnson pokes it.


Homerun! 15

Pitcher fires it.

Johnson wires it.



This poem is talking about a professional baseball player, “Overdog” Johnson. It is saying that he is always a winner. When he is up to bat he hits whatever comes in the hitting zone


Baseball is fun; its sometimes rough.

If you’re good or bad, baseball always tough.

Cooperstown is the home of baseball greats.

Everyone’s welcome to watch in any stadium or state.

Strike one, Strike two, on the way to an out. 5

The confidence is shouting from in the dugout.

The third pitch comes; it’s in the strike zone.

Going, going, gone! The other team moans.

Your pride builds as you run the bases:

First, Second, Third, . Stop to tie your laces! 10 symbol

This concludes a poem about a mini baseball hero.

And, in case your wondering, the score was 4-0.

This poem was about me when my last game in pony baseball. We were 0-0 until the last inning I hit a grandslam . We won 4-0.


Never mind the speed you’ve got,

Never mind about your curve,

Though it sails around a lot

With a zigzag and a swerve;

How you grip or twist the ball 5

Enters not upon the scroll;

Here’s the answer to it all:

How is your control?

Never mind how hard you swing,

Or the keenness of your eye, 10

As the pitcher takes a fling

And the pellet whistles by;

With the hard-fought battle done,

Here’s the answer to it all:

When a base hit might have won, 15

Did you hit the ball?

Never mind about the luck,

On the umpire robbing you-

How the Fates were there to buck

Everything you tried to do; 20

Cut it out and let it go;

In the Book of Praise or Blame

This is all there is to know

Did you play the game?

This poem talks about a coach telling the players to stop blaming the game on each other. To play the game is teamwork because everyone didn’t do their part. You shouldn’t blame the game on the pitchers, batters nor the umpires. Blame it on yourself as a team. I chose this poem because this is practically the truth about a game. There is always people blaming each other. The game of baseball you play, win and lose as a team.


GAME CALLED. Across the field of play.

the dusk has come, the hour is late,

the fight is done and lost or won the

player files out through the gate.

The tumult dies, the cheer is hushed, 5

the stands are bare, the park is still,

But through the night there shines the light,

home beyond the silent ill.

GAME CALLED. Where in the golden light

the bugle rolled the reveille. 10

The shadows creep, where night falls deep,

and taps has called the end of play.

The game is done, the scores is in,

the final cheer and jeer have passed. assonance

But in the night, beyond the fight, 15

the player finds his rest at last.

GAME CALLED. Upon the field of life. metaphor the darkness gathers far and wide,

the dream is done, the scores is spun,

that stands forever in the guide. 20

Nor victory, nor yet defeat,

is chalked against the players name.

But down the roll, the final scroll,

shows only, how he played the game.

This poem is using extended metaphor. It is comparing baseball with life. It seems that the author is trying to tell thatwhen its time for the game to be over the game is called no matter if you win or lose just like life. When it’s ready for you to go (die), God will call you and it will be gamed called for you.




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