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Role Model

Everyone has a role model. Whether an athlete, an older sibling, a parent or relative, or just a special someone everyone wants to be “just like” that certain person. I am a role model to my younger siblings, my cousins, and I hope to be a role model to all of the Wild Life kids. Being a role model means a lot to me, and it is great to know that people look up to me.

I have three younger siblings, all of whom look up to me. Everything that I do reflects upon them. This is good, but also bad in a way. For one, I have to be careful in everything that I say and do. For example, if I had bad language in front of my little brothers and sister it would be likely that they would think that it was acceptable behavior and they would do it also. I know that they copy everything I do, so I try to be extra careful around them. I say a few bad words every once in a while, but when they are around I try to be extra careful. Another thing that they look up to me is for my sports. They want to play all the same ones that I do, so I feel that I have to work hard at them to be good so that they will too. My little brother and sister are my biggest fans, so it is very important to me to keep on being a good role model for them.

Not only do my siblings look up to me, but my cousins do as well. I don’t have that many younger cousins, but Andrew and Jackson McAllister basically idolize me. They wear all of my old clothes and every time I see them they say, “Hey! This is your old shirt.” They have shirts that say, “Joe’s #1 fans,” and they come to all of my baseball and football games and scream at the top of their lungs for me. My uncle says that when they are playing basketball or catch in the yard they pretend that they are me. I love going to family get-togethers and having them cling to my side and playing with them the whole time. It means a lot to me to have them look up to me.

Next year I may be a Wild Life leader for the seventh and eighth graders. This would be a great opportunity for me to be a role model to many kids, and would be great for them because I would make it as fun as possible for them. If I were a Wild Life leader, I would have to show the younger kids that God is the number one priority in my life and should be in theirs as well. It would take a lot of hard work and effort to commit to this experience but I would love to be a role model to hundreds of kids. It would be a great experience for me.

My role models have always been my parents, and my uncles. Role models are important to have in one’s life. I am a role model to my brothers and sister, my cousins, and next year I hope to be a role model for all of the Wild Life kids. I try very hard to set good examples and be a good role model, because being a role model, to me, is one of the most important things in my life.


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