Many Aspects Of The Boundary Waters Essay

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Many Aspects of The Boundary Waters

Some people like to go out for walks. Others just like to go out and shoot clay pigeons. There are some that like swimming, because it gives you carte blanch. There are so many things that people can do for fun. Sailing is another thing that people may have fun doing. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is something that gives you many varieties of sights and sounds.

When you get to the Boundary Waters the trees are like rows of corn in Iowa. The motley birds soar through the air, like a well crafted paper airplane. The bloodthirsty mosquitoes flow through the air, as if they were trout going upstream. You feel like your out in the middle of nowhere with no human beings around you. It is the exact opposite of being like a pandemonium. There are no Tom Thumbs or Corborns so you need to bring food, and supplies. Its like going to a huge picnic with the amount of food you need to bring.

One of the first things that you do is carry your canoe, and it feels like your legs are a ball of wiggly rubber. When you finally reach your destination, you have to set up your tent. The ground is mushy like a bowl of jello in some places. You need to find a firm, yet dry area to set up the tent. It usually gets cold, as if you were in a refrigerator, so starting a fire is a good way to stay warm. When starting the fire, roaming the woods for brush is common. It is like you are in a zoo with all the beautifull animals you will notice around you. Setting up your campsite may be like a encyclopedia with all the different aspects to it.

When you are settled in you feel like you just swam across the Atlantic Ocean, with all the work and obtacles you went through. Going out in your canoe is like nothing that you will ever witness again. The varieties of fish dart through the water, like they are submarines that are being used in combat. The waves splash against the canoe, like a waterfall, blasting down on a quandry of rocks. You can drink out of the water, as if it were coming out of the faucet at your own home. It is a whole different atmosphere when you are out there.

The Boundary Waters has so many different aspects to it that it would be hard to think of them all. People that like to get away from everyday activities can travel here for a great expierence. They don?t allow boat motors, so it is even a better place, being the water is very clean. The things that I pointed out were the aspects of the land, setting up your camp, and exploring around. If you are looking for a never forgetting expierience you can travel to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.


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