Rave And Drugs Essay Research Paper Rave

Rave And Drugs Essay, Research Paper

Rave and drugs

The new millennium is coming soon. So, there are many of special parties will appear at the end of the year. All of the youth people are being busy to think what party they should attend and have the most fun on this special New Year Eve to greet the Y2K (year 2000). In my mind, a word Xrave pop up because it can have more than thousand of people dance in a place and create the festive atmosphere. This is the reason why the rave culture will still go on to capture the attention of youth into the late 90s (Rave, All music). Rave will dominate the people s dance culture. However, it is more likely to relate with drugs.

Rave has attracted people s attention since about a decade ago. Raves were preliminary an English atmosphere during the late 80s and early 90s (Rave, 1999). Many people got together and have the rave party. They are usually assigned to the some warehouses and open fields to open the party (Rave, 1999). Throughout the years, many artists also followed the rave hit and made their music in the rave style. Bands were affected by rave culture V especially the baggy bands which are the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Charlatans (Rave, 1999).

Rave can contribute people have more interested to dance. Rave lighting is arranged by computer which are a single strobe light or a full-blown laser to create a good visual (Dennis Barton, 1999). The DJs are also acting the important component in the rave. The DJs play the non-stopped onrush of music which can lead the crowd through the extremes of emotion (Barton, 1999). Raves are the good place where people go to dance.

Rave has the power to make people get together. Rave culture is all about having fun, getting together with like-minded people and dancing in any ways you want your ways. Rave party can have as many as people dance together, depending on the place. Jay Strongman (1999) suggests that bigger-is-better when it comes to dance music events. Jay (1999) also points out it is wonderful if you find yourself has more connected to the other thousand of people.

Rave influences many different aspects in some ways. From the past one decade, rave and dance music has been focused on the working class youth culture (Jay, 1999). Rave is not only affecting the people which even affects music or news. Jay (1999) mentions that the classic example of the this is about more then just fun attitude to rave culture which also to have influenced the music press, Sunday supplements and style magazines alike. Dance music is the first global culture and that in the Western World, more people believe in the dance scene than in religion ( Jay,1999,p.2). It shows how people are affected by dance music in the rave party.

Rave is getting more acceptances among the people in the society. Jay (1999) states that we are glad to see that the media reduced to try to make the kind of rebellions and anti-establishment aura out of the rave scene which was becoming into the mainstream and safe. Moreover, many big companies or organizations are also paying the attention to the rave. They may believe their product can be promoted to the ravers because the rave is going to the mainstream. In the article of Rave on: the edit 99 , Jay mentions that, the UK s forthcoming Homelands mega rave proudly announces its sponsorship by Telecomms giant Ericsson (1999,p.1). It explicitly shows that rave is going to get more and more big business supporting by starting from Telemcomms giant Ericsson.

Dance in the Rave, it is the freeing motion for your body and let yourself relive. From the article of The Imaginal Rave , Cinnamon Twist (1992) describes the people not only dance to the beat but letting the music help you throw off the restricted movements which have been imprinted into your eyes, ears, arms, ass, dreams, hearts or even in your dreams, and find the Real you. It leads people forget all of the things and just dance with the beats and enjoy the present moment. This is why rave signal the return to Western culture of sacred dance (Cinnamon Twist, 1992, p.4).

People can create their own style fashion when they go to rave. From my own experience, I usually dress like a wacky person that I cannot usually be at the daytime. I would wear the goofy outfits and make my hair as exaggerated as I can. Sometimes, I would dye my hair in different color. I think during the process of dressing myself which can satisfy my desire of fashion creation. If I don t go to rave, I would never have mood to spend a lot of time to dress myself.

Along with Rave into youth, another issue is also coming up with it. This is the drugs problem, Rave where a large quantities of hallucinogens, particularly ecstasy were consumed (Rave, 1999). The consumption of ecstasy may be due to the scene or atmosphere. In the raves, most of the music had a psychedelic quality (rave, 1999). More likely, people tend to consume more ecstasy when they hear the psychedelic music in the rave. This is the reason that the raves always involve with drugs.

If you go to rave, you are more likely dance from dust till dawn. Where you can get the energy from? The answer is Ecstasy, E, also called MDMA. According to National initiative takes aim at Club drugs (1999), the writer points out that the users of club drugs think they are taking the Ecstasy simply for energy to keep on dancing or partying. So, they can dance as long as they want to. Like me, when I go to the dance club, I can not even dance more than two hours. Then, I will be very tired and go home. So, I am wondering why some people could dance all night long in the rave. I think they must be boosted by the drugs.

The ecstasy is medium to elevate people s moral to the different state in rave in a short-term period. In the dance club, people usually tend to drink alcohol to get them high and more openness in short period. However, they are not allowed to sell alcohol in the rave. So, ecstasy is abused by the all rave scenes Ian McKay (1999) states that ecstasy is not just drug which is the alternative to alcohol in dance culture. The Ecstasy, MDMA, can make people s connection closer in rave. Cinnamon Twist states that at the heart of the rave is a modern, technologically clad form of non-verbal, ecstatic communion. The ethos of openness, sharing, intimacy, touch and empty-facilitated by the use of MDMA (1992,p.2). Nevertheless, this fantasy effect last about few hours. But, this is enough for the people in raves. From the article of Miscellaneous Rave Drugs (1999), the writer states that the ecstasy can increase the sensibility just like all psychedelics, a less of inhibition, empathy and openness between humans and it lasts about few hours. The few hours can let people behave wild and beyond their normal life behavior which make them have motivation to do whatever they want to.

In conclusion, I think rave will be more popular and get into the mainstream after the new millennium. Rave stimulates people to dance in fun and exciting time with different visual and hearing tools. Also, rave brings like-minded people together dance to release themselves and achieve the real rave . But, at the back of this happy scene, this involves the drugs problem X Ecstasy with the most ravers. We should really need to think about the solution for this serious issue. We can not let people addict to drugs by using the rave as an excuse. So, we should inspire people to focus pure dance, not the drugs dance in the rave!


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