Procrastination Essay Research Paper What does procrastination

Procrastination Essay, Research Paper

What does procrastination mean? Is it the stereotypical meaning of laziness? And this word, ?procrastinate? has over time become derogatory and insulting. It has also been applied to the newest generation of the world. I have heard many comments from older folks that, ?those teenagers are so lazy, they wait till the last minute to do anything.? But as Dennis Sell comments in the teenager?s defense, ?It isn?t procrastination if you intend to do it.? I hope that this doesn?t become a question on the future resume. ?Do you procrastinate, please check yes or no.? A wonderful lot of people would be out of the job; very talented people that just have a time trying to become ?perfect.? Procrastination is a way of life and a person has to be good at it to play the ?lazy? game.What does procrastination really mean? I?ve adopted a quote that now guides my everyday life; ?My work is best when I am under pressure.? Most of my better essays are written in the ten minutes I have before my next class period when it?s due. Sorry Mr. Bush and Mrs. Swafford, and any other teacher that have been subjected to my messy rushed handwriting (not that Mr. Bush minds, I?m still failing his class. And his e-mail address is? just kidding). Procrastination is character building. The rare few who can handle the pressure often have rushed lives, or many deadlines, whichever applies, but the point is that they can handle the pressure that procrastination gives and they come on top. My father designs computer boards and his superiors are often changing what they want the board to do, but my dad can handle those people and their strict deadlines that are ludicrous because of the little time given. But because he procrastinated in high school, he knows what to do and how to control himself in these situations. He hasn?t thrown himself off a cliff yet after about ten years of the strenuous work, that has to count for something.Procrastination is like many other things. It has its good and bad points, just like eating. A person must eat to live, but it makes people gain weight and there is a surplus of obese people in our nation, yet is also saves many lives a day like in Ethiopia. Procrastination can make or break a person. One can either handle the pressure or the person breaks completely. I have put this essay to the side for what seems like weeks, but it isn?t that bad at least I hope not. It?s just the people who break under the pressure that give procrastinators the bad fa?ade. Take T.V. repairmen for example. I?m not saying all television repairmen have this problem, but mine sure does. My family calls and calls this man until he?s getting a phone call every hour and even then he waits weeks to fix our T.V. He finally comes and ?fixes? it and two weeks later it is broken yet again. Maybe this has become a business ploy, but that isn?t the point. This man procrastinates to the minute we are about to leave his business and then he comes and does poor work. This man gives all procrastinators a horrid reputation when in all reality procrastination, when handled by the right person is quality achieving and character building. When handled right, what is so wrong with this personality trait? What did procrastination every do to, that did not occur without some assistance? I can?t procrastinate unless I want to. What happened to putting the blame where it belonged. Procrastination is good.


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