Mcdonalds Affect On The World Market Essay

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There are many different forces that affect McDonalds in the general and task environments. One of the forces that affect them in the general environment is economic forces. Disposable income is one of the most influential decisions that McDonalds deals with on a daily basis. Interest rates are another part of the economic forces that McDonalds must deal with. The interest rate affects how much money people will invest in McDonalds and its stock. McDonalds must also deal with global forces. The stock markets of the world affect the stock of McDonalds but it also affects its suppliers. If the price of beef goes up in Argentina, that will affect the price of burgers in all of McDonald’s restaurants. McDonalds must keep growing if it wants to keep its number one status in the fast food industry. In order to do this, they must expand in the United States and also in countries across the globe. The use of computers in the workplace to speed up service is a technological force that McDonalds also deals with. The different traditions and eating habits of people across the globe is a sociocultural force that McDonalds deals with as it expands across the globe.

McDonalds must deal with problems in the task environment as well as in the general environment. McDonalds being the number one fast food chain must always be watching its competitors. If it does not watch them they will gladly take over its reigning position. The suppliers of McDonalds must also be dealt with. The suppliers of its food products must be kept happy and must also be able to handle the large amount of supplies that McDonalds needs to run its business. McDonalds number one priority is its customers. McDonalds customer base is rapidly expanding and they have to be ready to deal with that. McDonalds must deal with the distribution of its services since it franchises out many of its restaurants.

The disposable income of the customer is important to McDonalds. It the customer can not afford to buy their food then they will lose business. In order to get more customers McDonalds has entered into the price wars. They have specials and also try to keep the price of their meals inexpensive. The interest rates of different countries also affect McDonalds. If the interest rates go up then the price of supplies will also rise. McDonald will try to find the cheapest way to get its services to the customer in order to keep prices low. They also just had stock split which would make it easier for people to buy stock in the company. McDonalds must also watch the stock markets of the world. They have restaurants all over the world so they must watch the economies of all the countries. McDonalds is also expanding all over the world. They realize that in order to keep their edge in the fast food business that they must grow and reach new markets first. The use of new computers for ordering and for preparation of food is being developed for McDonalds. The different cultures that McDonalds enters into must all be treated uniquely. The food that they prepare must reflect its name but also the people that will be buying it. The McDonalds in India serves no hamburger because of their view of the cow.

McDonalds uses gimmicks and special deals in order to take customers from its competitors. It also uses its numerous locations in order to make it convenient for people to reach. In order to keep prices low McDonalds will choose the supplier with the lowest cost without jeopardizing quality. McDonalds uses heavy advertising to keep customers and draw in new ones. It spends over a billion dollars a year to do this job. The franchises of McDonalds are kept in check by strict rules that govern how they can run their McDonalds. McDonalds get franchises by giving them heavy advertisement, brand name, and location.


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