Dyslexia My Adversity Essay Research Paper Dyslexia

Dyslexia My Adversity Essay, Research Paper

Dyslexia My Adversity

When some people hear the word dyslexia, they think of reading, writing, spelling, and math problems. Some associate it with word and letter reversals, and others only think slow learners. Almost everyone considers it some from of a learning disability, but the learning disability is only one face of dyslexia. The dyslexic learns in a different way. It can also be an advantage; ninety-nine percent of dyslexics have higher intelligent quotations. I have faced personal adversity from people who do not understand dyslexia. They feel that the labels, special education and learning disabled, means that they expect me not to be able to handle learning as so-called normal student does. Dyslexia is an adversity for me because of people who do not know about it; having them understand dyslexia, and knowing my learning style is very helpful.

When I enter a new class, with a new teacher, I can start out with a handicap. The handicap is my special education file, which comes to the teacher before they ever meet me. They see the labels, learning disabled and dyslexia. Some teachers do not understand these labels and feel that I am unable to learn or will not succeed in their class. But these labels are there so I can use certain things and have a study skills class. Not all teachers understand the meaning of learning disabled. The word disabled infers someone has something very wrong with him or her. They do not think they may just learn differently. I have had some teachers that do know what dyslexia is and how to teach a dyslexic student. My having dyslexia does make me dumb and that I will not be able to handle the work that normal student does. For those teachers it becomes my responsibility to show them what a dyslexic can do. I have proven that I am very capable of handling and even exceeding the so-called normal student.

Having teachers that do not know about dyslexia, learn and understand it is helpful. Dyslexia is not a really a learning disability, but simply a leaning style or difference . It is where some people s brains are just different not damaged. They learn and process information in a different way. The non-dyslexic brain is either right or left dominate. In the dyslexic the right and left lobs of the brain fights each other for dominance. The dyslexic sees in pictures rather than words. For example, the red wagon is on the lawn. Non-dyslexia would see the words, red, wagon and lawn. The dyslexic would see a picture of a red wagon on a lawn but not the words. People with dyslexia are auditory learners. We learn better by hearing a book rather than reading it. There are some words that are triggers that cause the brain to not be able process information correctly. When this happens anything we read after is just a jumbled mess and makes no sense at all. Then, we have to stop what we are doing until our brain straightens out. Generally handwriting and printing is very legible.

Knowing my learning style is very important to ensure that I get a proper education. First, I am not ashamed to advocate for accommodations that will help me receive a better education. I ask questions when I am not sure. Talking to my teachers about my dyslexia is not a problem for me. I use coping strategies to compensate for my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths. Being an auditory learner, I learn best through verbal lectures, discussions, talking through and listening to what others have to say. I interpret the underlying meaning of speech through listening to tone of voice, pitch, speed and other nuances. Written information may have little meaning until it is heard. I use books on tape along with looking at the books. I am registered with Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic. Knowing in advanced what books I will need, ensure getting them on tape in time for their use. The use a tape recorder to take notes and be able to use my books on tape during the class time is very helpful. Also I use my tape recorder for lectures instead of taking hand written notes. My handwriting and printing is very bad, I can t even read them. I carry a laptop computer to do my work on so it can be read. My dyslexia causes me to have poor spelling and grammar. I have a spell and grammar checker to use with my work. Most grammar and spelling checkers are not looking for missing words or context of the words. Also when they is a similar word to the one I spelled, it will not see it as wrong. I need extra time if I am taking an exam or quiz to make sure I have read the question correctly and mixed up. I have a very difficult time if my class work, quizzes, and tests are timed. I have a study skills class for the purpose of finishing class work, quizzes and tests. If a test, mid-term, or final involves writing I use my computer for it also. I love writing but in order to get my thoughts down properly; I need extra time on papers. I have to work harder than the non-dyslexic does student does but I have proven that I can handle schoolwork.

Having some people not knowing about dyslexia is an adversity, having them understand what dyslexia is about, and knowing my style of learning is very helpful. It can be a real problem when I have a new teacher, who does not know about dyslexia. They should not judge on my special education files, but on my abilities. Leaning what dyslexia is helps teacher understand me. Having a teacher understand my style of learning helps me get a better education.