3 Types Of Skiers Essay Research Paper

3 Types Of Skiers Essay, Research Paper

3 Types of Skiers

I?ve been skiing for about eight years and have come to a conclusion that there are three

types of skiers on the slopes. Many of the skiers that I?ve come across show their love and dedication to

becoming better skiers. On the slopes these skiers range from the slow, calm just there to relax skier, to the

bombing the hill, inconsiderate and reckless skier, to the show off skier, who doesn?t ski that well but

continues to hit jumps and go down the most difficult slopes in order to show of for friends and other


The calm, slow skier is the type of person who will plan a skiing trip a month ahead for a

getaway from their hectic work schedule. This skier is planning on having a relaxing run down the

beautiful slopes without interruption or aggravation. Early before the trip, these skiers will be anal about

having everything just right; the skies sharpened and waxed, their ski boots adjusted properly, and putting

on just the right amount of clothing to keep warm, so their day will be without worry and they can have a

good time. These types of skiers will take the least populated slopes so they can take their time and not

worry about other skiers. Every couple of hours these skiers will take a hot chocolate break and sit down to

watch the other skiers glide down the big white slides. Finally, when the day comes to an end, they pack

up everything the way it was when the unpacked it and talk the entire way home what a good time they


The inconsiderate, reckless skier leaves in the early morning without thinking of

important possessions that could influence their day while skiing. This skier first thought when approaching

the slope is how fast their going to go down the most populated slope and cause a possible problem. These

reckless skiers stop the least frequent out of all the skiers,

and when they do stop they rush through their meals and rush back out to cause more problems. These

reckless skiers also have the habit of skiing out of bounds into the woods or onto kiddy slopes where small

children are learning to ski.

The show off skier is the most dangerous of all skiers. These skiers are dangerous

to both themselves and others who are having a good time on the slopes. This type of skier skies way

beyond their ability by, taking jumps they can?t handle, bombing slopes that even the better skiers on the

slopes don?t bomb! Show off skiers are also the most prone to getting hurt because of the risks they take, if

the medical unit on a mountain is taking care of a showoff and another skier who was just having fun

accidentally gets hurt, it will make it very difficult for both injured skiers to get the medical attention they

will need. When Ski Patrol encounters these types of skiers they aren?t hesitant to throw them off the

mountain to keep every skier safe and sound.

While skiing on the mountain I have encountered and will continue to encounter three

types of skiers; the calm, just there to relax skier who takes their time down the slopes, the reckless and

inconsiderate skier, who races down the slopes without any regard for other skiers and the showoff skier

who doesn?t ski that well, but thinks their a pro and puts everyone on the mountain in danger. Both of these

skiers are there to have fun, but in a different way, the reckless skier could be very good at skiing and just

likes to take it to the next level, but the skiers who are there to relax could be affected. While on the slopes

every skier must have consideration for one another so everyone can have a fun and safe time.

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