Special Education Essay Research Paper IntroductionI am

Special Education Essay, Research Paper


I am here

I am there

I am everywhere

Spread thin

So that my existence

My consistency

My reality

Can be denied


Until I boil down to nothing

At the bottom of the pot

Anonymous with a disability

Disabilities affect every race, culture, sex, and religion. It is non-discriminatory. Almost everyone can think of someone they have come into contact with or are related to that has a disability, and we can all think of some torment or discrimination that has affected their life.


Freak of nature


Left to die or were killed

Thoughts changed



Asylum, prison, basement, attic

Feelings come to the surface

Sorry, allowed to exist but only as outcasts.



Turn of century


Laws come about

Became a part of society but were not encouraged or allowed to participate in an attempt to gain their independence.

Laws give way to independence

Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Bill of right for disabled people-laws at the federal level

Qualified Handicapped individual- a person who with reasonable accommodations can perform the essential functions as required for employment or education.

Defined their rights


Architectural Transportation Barrier Compliance Board

Consequences for non-compliance

Established legal channels to handle this

Lead to Americans with Disabilities Act

Defined discrimination

Moved to include State and Local Govt.

Public Accommodations




Laws for education

Ensure a free and appropriate education

Ensure all rights are acknowledged

Help with financial burden

Ensure and access effectiveness of the program

Established and required IEP



Services needed

Goals- long and short term

Defines who provides services needed


Today we have laws and they are enforced by strict guidelines.

Our society as a whole accepts and allows for inclusion although some individuals still look down on special individuals and poke fun at them.

Through education and exposure it is hoped that all of society will view each other as equal and unite.

The greatest injustice to any individual is treating everyone the same. Everyone is an individual and should be treated in a way that recognizes their individuality and should be provided all the supports needed for them to gain and maintain independence and equality without discrimination.


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