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Newport World Essay, Research Paper

Newport World Today, cigarette advertisements generally target a specific consumer with flashyadvertisements and try to establish a reputation with them at a young age to ensure themof a life long consumer of their cigarettes. Cigarette advertisers try to glorify theirproduct with a variety of marketing schemes that tap into the human need of acceptance,they do not care if they are selling a smoke filled death to children, but if theiradvertisements are increasing sales. Advertisers have the need to show their product in apositive fashion. The packaging color alone could be the deciding factor in a sale. Withthe competition of today s market, a manufacturer needs every advantage possible. Advertisements are responsible to make their product seem to be an essential part of life,that the potential consumer never realized they were missing. A perfect example of this is a Newport cigarette advertisement featured in theSeptember issue of Maxim magazine. The ad uses bright colors, like green and orange, tograb your attention. The use of bright colors ensures, that you will not miss theiradvertisement while flipping through a magazine. The advertisement shows people intheir twenties to thirties, dancing and having a good time. The purpose of theiradvertisement is to grab your attention in a split second. Using bright colors andattractive people, they can accomplish this with ease. The only problem with this is thatevery other ad is trying the same marketing strategy. The use of these same strategies,require every advertiser to try and set their product apart. Everyone in the Newport advertisement appears to be healthy and attractive. Newport does not want to associate their product with coughing, cancer prone cigarettesmokers. It also doesn t allow the consumer to smell what they will stink of, or showyou a smiling mouth of tar stained teeth. It s the advertiser s job to paint a fairytalescene, where everyone has a great time smoking Newport cigarettes. The main point theNewport advertisement is trying to get across, is that if you smoke Newport cigarettes youwill be become popular.The models in this fairytale advertisement, do not make you think of a cancerplagued lung or throat. The ad would not be too successful if they did. Instead, thepeople in the ad are in Newport world, where the party never stops. It s full of attractivepeople having a great time, and reads at the top, Be part of it . Smoking their cigarettesis like a ticket to ride the popularity train. This is your chance to be free of problems thatfloat away like the smoke from your cigarettes. The Newport cigarette company is actually doing the consumer a favor by selling their product.The ad does clearly state that you must be of a certain age to use their product. Inreality, they are appealing to the younger crowd in a variety of ways. Displaying matureyoung people who are popular and fun, sends a message that this is what it takes to bepart of this society. This Newport advertisement is exerting negative peer pressure, evenwithout the peers being present to talk these potential smokers into it. This isaccomplished by giving a child the sense that the people in this advertisement could besoon be their friends, and they could be part of this popular group, if they smoke Newportcigarettes.Cigarette advertisements have long been accused of trying to appeal to minors,their advertisements have included everything from a cowboy to a cartoon camel. Inusing a cartoon in their advertising, it clearly shows their intentions towards minors asconsumers. The problem is, where should the government step in, and to what extent? Itis morally wrong, but it is within Newport s legal limits to sell their product in anappealing manner. This is only one dynamic of their marketing strategies, and theadvertisers for Newport do have other strategies to fall back on. Cigarette companiesshould take it upon themselves, to use marketing schemes that target an older audience. Cigarette companies need to leave a child s innocence alone, leave it to life to corruptthese young souls and then they can destroy them when they are of age.In addition to these marketing schemes, they add the incentive of a sweepstakes. The Newport advertisement allows you to enter a contest, by videotaping yourselfdancing. If your tape is chosen, you will receive the opportunity to enter a dance contest,

in Miami Beach. In that contest, you will be competing for fifty thousand dollars in cash. The advertisement presents the contest, so it appears winning is only an entry form away. The entry form is even in a shape of a ticket, this reinforces that the trip is there for thetaking.In the advertisement, there is a picture of the Miami Beach nightlife. The pictureshows neon lights, limousines, palm trees, and motorcycles to add to the intrigue. This isNewport world, the place where everyone is welcomed. Everyone is happy smokingNewport s, in Newport world. The people in this world look healthy, despite their cancerstick extension of their arm, or maybe it is because of it. Newport advertisers havesuccessfully depicted a life that, for the most part, is not available for us. By smokingNewport cigarettes, we are able to become a little closer to this world.This Newport cigarette advertisement, is a perfect example of a product usingmarketing schemes, that have no relation to their product. This does not stop them, frommaking it seem like there is a strong relation between their cigarettes and what ever theywant, in this case, the Miami beach nightlife. If you are leading a boring life, and youcan t afford to go to where the action in the advertisement is taking place, Miami beach,the advertisers want you to believe that you can bring a little of Miami beach to yourhome, by purchasing Newport cigarettes. If everyone is having fun, smoking theirNewport s, maybe this is what I m missing. Consciously we know this is not true, butsubconsciously we may be fooled. To a younger person, who has never smoked, this mayeven hold true in their thoughts.We may not agree with their marketing propaganda, but they do have the right, tosell their product in an attractive fashion. It is the job of the advertisers to their client, theNewport cigarette company, to try and glorify their product with a variety of marketingstrategies that tap into the human need of acceptance, they do not care if they are selling asmoke filled death to children, but if the advertisements are increasing sales. Cigaretteadvertisements generally target a specific consumer with flashy advertisements and try toestablish a reputation with them at an early age to ensure them of a life long consumer oftheir cigarettes. Until there is a sufficient substitute for cigarettes, they will sellthemselves. The advertisements just help you choose what brand to smoke, curiosity willbe what gets the potential consumer to try smoking. Newport cigarette s are undoubtedlyharmful, but if their advertisement focuses on that, they would never make a sale. Theadvertiser s job is to make the warning labels small, and fill the rest of the space withhappy, healthy, and attractive people. Newport knows, that if you become a consumer ofthis product, they might have you for life, even if it is a short lived life. With a productthat will sell itself, cigarette advertisers seek out a particular consumer to target with theiradvertisements, whether the targets are age, gender or race doesn t matter, just as long asthe smokers keep rolling in. We can not blame cigarette companies alone for underagesmoking, the responsibility falls on parents, schools and society to educate our youth tothe dangers of smoking. Cigarette advertisements do have a strong influence on potentialconsumers, but as a concerned society can we not use the same tactics of advertising tocombat their influence or are the cigarette companies too smart for the general public? Tips for writing your report Plan the report.Select an idea or topic for your report.Gather information for your report.Identify the information you want to include in your report. Remember you should have atleast three ways to support the main idea of your report. Include details and specificinformation that will help you make your point.Write a draft.Review what you have written. Try reading the report out loud. It can help you catchmistakes.Check spelling and punctuation. Each sentence should begin with a capital letter and endwith a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.Create the final report. Add interest.Use graphs and charts to illustrate an idea.Include a picture, photo, drawing, or map.Find a quotation, and use it to make your point. Make every word count.Choose words your reader will understand. Remember you want to communicate your ideato the person reading your paper.Avoid clich s.Use a thesaurus to replace overworked words and find new ways to express your


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