Reaction To Partners In Power Essay Research

Reaction To Partners In Power Essay, Research Paper

Bill and Hillary Clinton?s path to the White House can be looked at as one of the more interesting, as well as sinister, in Presidential history. Roger Morris takes the reader through the maturation and evolution of arguably the most powerful partnership this country has ever seen. Partners in Power gives us a look at this couple that many people could never envision. This bibliography takes us from the early years of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton?s parents up to Bill?s inauguration in 1992.

Bill Clinton?s life took a crucial turn before he was even born. On May 17, 1946,

Bill Blythe died in a car accident. Bill Blythe was Bill Clinton?s father. While Clinton?s mother, Virginia, was pregnant with him, Blythe was traveling along a Missouri highway on his way home to Arkansas when his back tire in his maroon Buick sedan blew out. Blythe was found downstream drowned in just inches of water. A death that could have been prevented if he was only found earlier. This traveling salesman would have a very promiscuous existence in his short life that would show us many traits that our future President would display throughout his lifetime. Bill?s father died at a young age and Blythe had to take care of the family that would be ravaged with poverty. The ambitions of the young Bill Blythe would not let him be poor and destitute. He would soon enter the life of a salesman. Bill had the qualities for the profession being a very pleasant and amiable man.

Bill Clinton?s mom, Virginia Cassidy, was raised in Hope, Arkansas by her parents Eldridge and Edith Grisham Cassidy. Edith was a very harsh woman who took out her anger on Eldrige and Virginia, but Virginia was still capable of putting on a smile and remaining happy throughout her teenage years. Virginia was a strong woman and would have to deal with the frustration of losing her husband and having to raise an infant. She would study tediously in New Orleans to become a nurse-anesthetist. While she was studying in New Orleans she would leave Bill Blythe III (a.k.a. Bill Clinton) with her mother. Young Bill would grow up with his grandmother until the infamous Roger Clinton would come along.

In 1947, Virginia would begin to reside with a man named Roger Clinton, a man who would leave a significant impact on the rest of Bill?s life. The relationship would start off stormy but the two grew closer with time. Roger Clinton would marry Virginia in 1950. Virginia then took Bill away from his grandmother, but would still leave him with her on the weekends while she and Roger would go on wild weekends to Hot Springs. Roger Clinton was a hotheaded drunk who would take his aggression out on Virginia and young Bill. Due to Roger?s array of problems, he would mismanage the Buick dealership his brother set him up in. This made Roger move to Hot Springs, Arkansas so he could work for his brother Raymond.

Morris described Hot Springs as ?little metropolis?. Hot Springs had shady business dealings with in the confines of this controversial resort town. Roger and Virginia would relish the high-life of the town. Roger?s high-life included an alcoholism that made him a cruel and violent man, which was brutally passed on to his wife and stepson. Even as the abuse continued, Virginia still mothered a child to her abusive husband in July 1956. As Roger could not get his life together, the abuses would continue throughout the marriage, which would lead Virginia to file for a divorce in 1962. They would be remarried eighty-three days later without Bill Clinton?s blessing. A teenage Bill Clinton would have a very popular and successful high school career, at Hot Springs High, succeeding in his social affairs, academic trials, as well as an introduction to politics; even though his home life was one not to be desired.

In the fall of 1964, William Jefferson Clinton was on his way Georgetown College (located in Washington, D.C.) to attend the colleges School of Foreign Service. During his time at Georgetown, it seemed Clinton was honing his skills as a politician. One teacher that left a lasting impression on our future President with his interesting classes and intriguing views was Dr. Carroll Quigley. Clinton was quoted describing Quigley as ?fascinating, electrifying, and brilliant.? Clinton would conclude his freshman year with a 3.7 grade point average including his many extracurricular activities. During his sophomore and junior year, Clinton would work for Arkansas senator Fulbright as part of the senator?s staff. He would work many long hours on the staff while continuing to keep up with school, but he would pass up the opportunity running for an office on campus to work more diligently for the senator. He would return to the Georgetown political scene in 1967 only to lose the East Campus presidential election. Bill was quite irritated by his first political loss.

Back in Hot Springs, Roger Clinton became an ill man. Bill would be back in forth from Georgetown to Hot Springs to visit the suffering Roger throughout his final months. Roger died in the autumn of ?67 and two months later Bill?s grandmother Edith passed away.

Bill Clinton?s Georgetown experience was over and he was off to Oxford to achieve his master?s degree. There was a major obstacle in the young Rhode?s Scholars way: the draft for the Vietnam War. Clinton would do everything in his power to evade his inevitability of going to the war tortured land in Southeast Asia. If there was one man to turn to, it was Uncle Raymond who would use his many connections to get his nephew?s draft delayed. Eventually, Raymond Clinton worked his magic and his nephew was off to Oxford for his first year, but as soon as Bill returned he would once again have to confront the draft issue. Bill Clinton?s career at Oxford was scarred with his concern over being drafted to serve in the Vietnam War.

Hillary Rodham was born into a more traditional family setting to Hugh and Dorothy Rodham in1947 while they were residing in Chicago. Hillary would grow up in the community known as Park Ridge on the rural out-skirts of the city. The future first lady was raised by a father that was never appeased by his children?s accomplishments and a mother that was there to support him, but her mother would mold Hillary into a woman that would be her own person unlike herself. Hillary would not be deterred from any of her objectives, especially by men. Ironically though, it was a male that motivated Hillary?s views. His name was Donald Jones, a youth minister. Jones? fresh ideas interested Hillary and would broaden her views on society. Hillary?s new initiative would lead her to a very successful high school career, such as her husband?s, and she amassed many credentials. Her high school achievements would aid her in being accepted to the all women?s college Wellesley. Hillary?s Wellesley career would include Washington internships, class presidency, and an opportunity to be the college?s first commencement speaker. The time Hillary spent at the school was a great experience for the motivated young woman.

Finally, the future President and first lady?s paths would cross at Yale law school. The most celebrated story of the two young phenoms meeting was at the law school library with Hillary taking the initiative to introduce herself to a gazing Bill Clinton. Both of their Yale years were diligent and thriving. Bill would be busy aiding the Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Joseph Duffy, instead of attending his classes. In fact, both Bill and Hillary would work for the Democratic Party doing voter-registration in San Antonio missing most of their time at Yale in 1972. Hillary would graduate before Bill, but remain at Yale doing postgraduate work throughout Bill?s senior year. Bill would continue to consume himself with the political aspects of the Democratic Party up to his graduation as well as Hillary, who would help work on the Nixon impeachment inquiry staff.

Hillary would soon move to Arkansas to be with her boyfriend to assist him in his political career. Bill was back in his home state ready to start his chosen career. Bill would run for the Third District Congress seat against Republican congressman Hammerschmidt in 1974. Clinton would raise an impressive campaign fund. Hillary Rodham would eventually take over the campaign headquarters. Clinton would go on to lose the 1974 election, but he gained valuable experience and there was no indication Bill did not have a bright future in the political lifestyle he chose for himself. A year after the loss, Bill and Hillary would marry in the autumn of 1975, but Hillary kept her last name Rodham.

Bill would once again run for a political office in 1976. He would run for the attorney general position, one that he would win. Hillary would join the Jimmy Carter Presidential campaign as a deputy director. After the primary, Hillary would join the Rose Law Firm at the age of twenty-nine.

In 1978, the governorship opened up in the state of Arkansas. It was no question to the youthful, enthusiastic attorney general that he would run for the position. The campaign was effectively organized and ready for a run at one of the highest ranking state offices. Hillary was also a major asset to this campaign, even more so then the last. Bill was inaugurated governor in January of 1979.

Clinton?s first term as governor was not an illustrious period for this young representative. The governor would make many promises he could not keep, trying to satisfy two masters at one time. His staff would be many of his friends or people he owed favors too. Bill did not exactly help his image any by his extramarital affairs that were not exactly concealed or secret. Clinton?s problem of not being able to pick a position on an issue and not following through when he did promise something hurt him in the 1980 election as he would be voted out of office. The highlight of the first Clinton term in office was the birth of their daughter Chelsea.

The former governor would take the loss of the election very hard. Clinton would campaign his way back into office the moment he seemed to lose the election. The Clinton?s would severely change their image with such moves as bold as Hillary taking Bill?s last name and being totally made over. It was their time to retake the Arkansas governorship, and that is precisely what Clinton did in the 1982 race.

Throughout the governor and first lady?s following decade in office the two would participate in shady business dealings, which helped them accumulate a very impressive bank account. Much of the wealth they amassed was not reported on tax returns. That would not be the only illegal dealings the Clintons would be in as Bill?s brother Roger was arrested and charged on a single count of drug distribution. Roger was an avid cocaine user, but Bill was not one to turn down the drug himself. The Clinton?s would have to grow familiar with controversy over the coming years, such as a little airport in Mena, Arkansas. This was actually a drug trafficking center, which Clinton knew about. Clinton would be as bold to send one of his top security guards on a few of the runs. The security officer?s morals shined as he quit the lucrative career and left the Clinton staff.

In 1992, Bill Clinton would officially become the Democratic nominee for President, but the campaign began in 1986. He was a very heralded politician by many. In fact his run for office almost came four years earlier in 1988. The only thing that stopped Clinton was that the front-runner, Gary Hart, dropped out of the race because of the publicizing of his womanizing. The fact that womanizing was such a part of Bill?s past would leave him out of the race in ?88, but not in ?92. The womanizing would not be a problem in the new era of the nineties. Clinton would look like a change the country needed. He won the country over with his personal appearances and his down to earth aura. Clinton would be able to hide many of his embarrassments, at times by any means necessary. Although during their Presidency, the Clintons would be brought to trial for their Whitewater real estate scandal. It was just one case that one of their profit-making plans of the past ended up haunting them.

Morris gave an interesting and informative background on Bill and Hillary Clinton, which was thoroughly enjoying. This book gave a fair assessment on the good as well as the bad. The author took us through the humble and painful beginnings of President Clinton, and the hidden pain of the young Hillary Rodham. Morris clearly outlined how the President?s and the first lady?s personalities were shaped. He made their future ambitions and tendencies more fathomable. The college years of the Clinton?s was very informative from the Georgetown and Wellesley years to the years at Yale law school. The author was not only informative about the twos academic records and class offices, but told their personal stories once again giving an excellent background of the type of people they were.

It was very interesting how the author was unreserved on the personal lives of the Clinton?s telling about their manipulative and power hungry ambitions. It was easy to get an impression that Hillary and Bill were only together because of the power they could share. The author did not make a picturesque assessment on the Clinton?s marriage, but described the marriage as more of investment. It was refreshing to hear a truthful rendition about the Democratic President.

The corruption that went on in the Clinton?s moneymaking scams was very eye opening. It was amazing how far the Clinton?s would go to be profitable through illegal agreements and tax evasion. Two people that represented the civilians of their state were obviously not role models on how to make a hard-earned dollar. Morris showed the fa?ade the Clinton?s put up through these shady business dealings. It seemed that the Clintons cared very little about beating one of the people they represented out of a dollar.

Morris displayed the Clinton?s ability to look away from something if it did not affect them or earned them money. This book gave a true look at the dirty side of politics not only in the Clinton regime, but throughout all of Washington, D.C. as well. The Mena, Arkansas situation was amazing in the fact that it was just overlooked by everyone. The one word that could be used describing the political system in the United States is irksome.

Overall, the book was very informative. It was very interesting at times, but it seemed to drag at others. However, it was a fair view of the Clinton regime. It seemed to be a very well researched book. The book revealed a side the American public may have never conceived of the Clintons. Bill and Hillary were portrayed as two politicians that would be conditioned to do whatever was necessary to get elected and make the almighty dollar, and that description was very evident in Partners in Power. Morris made it easier to understand how the President could look into the eyes of an entire country and flat out lie. Partners in Power is an interesting book that can take a reader throughout the Clinton?s lifetime informatively


partners in power by roger morris


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