Hopes And Dreams Essay Research Paper Imagine

Hopes And Dreams Essay, Research Paper

Imagine waking up one morning on the sound of the birds whistling. Walking out side looking at the blue sky, while the cool breeze blowing through your hair. Sitting on the grass with the flowers surrounding you filling the air with its beautiful aroma. Suddenly the whistling turns into a loud harsh sound. The sky turns gray and becomes darker as time passes by. You find your self viciously thrown in a center of people suffering from illness and poverty. They all hold that violence look in their eyes. They hold a sense of rage and revenge with in them. They turned into wild animals thinking of nothing but how to survive in the wilderness. This is the situation we live in now, we forgot the meaning of peace, and we remain with poverty, racism and war.

Now open your eyes and look around you. Don’t shut your self from the real world and glance at the rich and famous. They are nothing but the minority, look at what is surrounding you. Go ahead and take a walk down an inner city street if you dare, where the homeless sprawl across sidewalks and children roam the streets like wild dogs. The real world is lying right under there feet.

We are starting to believe that the poor will always be with us, its something we must learn to live with. So we build more prisons and hire more police to protect us from the underclass. Unfortunately we forgot to ask ourselves a very important question, is that the way to cooperate with the poor? It is not there fault that they were born penniless, but it is our fault for abandoning them from our lives and pushing them away

from living a happy life. We were all born into this world and hold a right to enjoy it. So

I hope that in the future we will learn how to wash a child’s tear, and help the elderly to survive with no worries and so carry this poverty outside our world.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, you will never know what that book holds unless you open it, read it and understand it well. So as you continue walking in the dark streets you will find racism spreading along with poverty. I say it again, it is no ones fault for being brought into this world with a dark or light skin. You can never judge someone by his/her color because it doesn’t refer to their personality. How is it possible for a sane person to think that he is superior then others because of his color?

Color is not the drawing line between good and bad. Color is there to give life a diverse meaning and make it a better place to live in. I can’t possibly imagine myself living in a world full of people looking like me! So if we put our hands together and forget about each other’s skin color I assure you that we would live a hundred times better than how we are living today. After all I hope that racism will vanish away soon.

All of that wouldn’t have occurred in the first place if war didn’t exist. War is the reason for where we are today, but war is not the solution to satisfy our needs. War increases our sorrows, and it never cures them. Every day we turn on the TV to watch the news we hardly hear something other than war. For example how many years has the Palestine’s suffered from the Israel’s, and how many more years will that continue? I cry from the bottom of my heart each time I see them fighting over land. They savagely beat each other for money and land, though not money nor land can buy them happiness. How can we stand living in a house with a warm family, knowing that there are people out there fighting for a place to shelter? So by now I hope we all understand that war is not the answer for anything.

Kill poverty, push racism away and spread peace among the world, they are my dreams of the future. And as I approach my conclusion I would like to ask all of us to put our hands together and make the world a better place to live in.


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