Speech Essay Research Paper Now that this

Speech Essay, Research Paper

Now that this journey is declared officially ?OVER? I would like for all of you teachers to recognize all my patience, understanding, and my abilities of persuasion. For all of you who made my life miserable and impossible, I still love ya!!

* I would like to dedicate my abilities of skipping class to Mr. Diaz because without him, I wouldn?t be where I am right know. Thank you for never noticing!

* I would also like to dedicate all my sore throats to Mr. Williams because without them, I probably wouldn?t be able to spit as many times as I did your coffee mug.

* I dedicate my logros to the logro club Even though I wasn?t completely part of you guys, I?m aware the road is not easy and you guys did push it hard.

* To Anibal, I dedicate the 101 times I arrived late to school and you nicely opened me the gate every single time.

* To Carmen Alicia, I dedicate the happiness school brought to my face daily since she was always there giving me a smile specially in the moments of need.

* To Mrs. Faillace I would like to dedicate my acceptance to Suffolk University because if it wasn?t for her support and comprehension I probably would never made it.

* Mr. Gabriel, even though you always try to be funny but you aren?t, I dedicate you all my referrals to the office you let pass if I laughed at your bad jokes.

* Lalito Escolar, I leave you my never ending love and our hidden affair.

* Zuly, I dedicate you all the school rules I didn?t obey including in your own computers lab. (Checking e-mail)

* To Mrs. Farr I dedicate my ability to sleep for 45 min. without you noticing.

* To Mr. Barrios I dedicate my incredible ability to counterfeit passes since he never catch me one.

* To All teachers, If you always have wondered why the teacher appreciation day gave you diarrhea, is because the drink had laxatives.

* Janitors, Thank you for always being there opening teachers doors to put in or take out work that was supposed to be handed in.

I Know that all of you guys are going to miss me as much as I?m going miss you all. I expect that after this dedications our friendship continues to be a strong one! Thank you all for making each day of my life an entertaining one!!!


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