Beowulf 2 Essay Research Paper BeowulfBeowulf and

Beowulf 2 Essay, Research Paper


Beowulf and his men, when they finnally arived, met up with a man

named Wulfgar, that the king had sent. Wulfbar sent them to the great

king of the Danes. The warriors would tell the king that they would

kill the best known as Grendel and save them from this madness. That

night they would drink and feast as Beowulf would talk about his past

battles. Aftrer all the festivities the would lie down to sleep and

easerly wait for the enemy.

While the men were sleeping or resting, Gredel was out and he hungry.

Grendel made his way over to Beowulf and his men. The furosious

monster found his first vicim, quietly he snuck up on him and cut

through him with his powerful jaws. There was nothing left of that

man, but what was chopped up inside Grendel. The next person Grendel

wanted was Beowulf, and he was ready for him.

Grendel was able to ahold of Beowulf. He went right for him and

grabbed his arm and had a good grip on him. Grendel want to run off

with Beowulf, but he couldn’t, because Beowulf had a good hold on

him. The monster was so powerful that no weapon to do any harm to the

great monster. Since Beowulf had a good hold on his arm he just

ripped it off. After that Grendel had took off running to the lake

where he had once lived to die.

Now Beowulf has gotten Grendel’s mother mad, her son is dead. So she

came to Herot and killed Hrothgar’s best friend, and got her sons arm

back. Beowulf follows her back to the lake. He takes a curagious

dive into the lake where she lives. Beowulf wanted to kill Grendel’s

mother and make sure Grendel himself was dead. The mother saw

Beowulf, grabbed him and took him to her lair. That is where the

fight would begin. She coul dhave killed and beat him, but Beowulf

found heavy sword, shinning in the distance. Beowulf used the special

sword to cut her head off. Also he found the dead body of Grendel and

chopped his head off too, to return it to the king. He also returned

to the land with many gifts for all.

Beowulf’s last battle of his life began with the theif that stole a

jeweled. The cup was owned by a dragon and he became mad and started

to destroy the land of the Geats. So Beofwulf, being the warrior his

is, rounded up eleven warriors. Beowulf is very old now. Beowulf had

found that he met his match while fight this monster in his lair, but

didn’t know that until he had caught on fire and got burned up by the

flames. All the warriors he came with ran as fast as they could away.

One warrior was still there, and decided to fight because had sword

to repay him. Wiglaf, that warrior, was granted king from Beowulf’s

last few breathes. Wiglaf returned with the worthless warriors and

the dead King Beowulf. The Geats decided to cremate the corpse and

place his ashes along with the dragons treasure that Wiglaf

discovered. They had made a huge tower by the sea so the treasure

could be seen by all the voyagers.


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