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1.The difference between the Canty?s child reception of the world and the Tudors child?s is the Canty?s child feels he has come into the world in trouble, and the Tudor?s child is totally unaware that he is among the great lords and ladies. The receptions are different because one family is rich and the other is poor.

2.The story takes place in the ancient city of London, England in the sixteenth century.


1.The Tom Canty?s home life was very dirty and poor. He slept on the floor on piled up hay and ate food scraps. His father was very mean and always beat him every time he got mad.

2.Tom makes a living by begging for food.

3.Tom dreams of meeting a prince.


1.Tom meets the Prince of Wales by roaming around and getting lost. He then finds himself by a castle and sees a prince to go look but a soldier wouldn?t let him in and teased him. The prince felt sorry for him so he let him in.

2.The result of the meeting is they switch places.


1.After his encounter with the boys at the Christ?s Hospital, the prince promises to make a gibbet.


1.The people of the palace think the prince is going mad or insane.



1.King Henry VIII commands the prince no to tell any one of his infirmity until he is as he was before.

2.Men of high degree and his uncle come to visit the prince.

3.Lord St. John is no too sure that the prince is not the real prince because of the way he acts and he says he is not. He tells all the men to sit down but the real prince expects them to stand in his presence, and he has bad manners


1.Three things that show his unprincely background is he eats with his hands, doesn?t use a napkin, and saves nuts in his pocket.


1.The important kingly item that has been lost was the seal. It threatens to forestall the beheading of the Duke of Norfolk.


1.The river pageant is in the honor of the Prince of Wales.


1.Tom?s mother blames for his thinking he is the prince is he was reading foolish work.

2.The Prince of Wales gets beaten and hit by John Canty, Tom?s father.

3.Tom?s mother determines that the boy is not Tom by testing him while he was sleeping.


1.When Edward tries to announce his kingship the people laugh at him.

2.At the end of the chapter he is announced King of England.


1.Hedon shelters the prince from John Canty.


3. Hendon?s one desire was to have and hold the privilege of remaining covered in the presence of the King of England.


1.The king runs away to Southwark.


1.What Tom finds tedious about being royalty is that he really is not the true prince and he feels guilty that he really is a beggar.

2.Humphrey Marlow is the prince?s whipping boy. He helps the king by


1.Tom likens his kingship to

2.Tom?s scene with the three prisoners proved his sanity by him having pity, admiration, and compassion for them so he lets them free.


1.Tom manages to eat dinner without making a mistake.


1.Hugo tricks the king into the barn by telling him that there is a injured boy in the barn.

2.Canty?s group was just a group of mean, evil people. They kidnap the boy.


1.The King escapes from Hugo by running away with the girls.

2.The King sleeps at the girl?s house on a pile of hay. This is ironic because the king was sleeping on hay and he usually sleeps on a bed.


1.The king resolves that

2.The common task the king was given to do was the dishes.


1.The king encounters a mad hermit in the forest.

2.This man seeks to kill him because he said that the king?s father, HenryVIII, sent him into the world homeless and he said was supposed to be pope never made him one.


1.Miles Hendon attempts to save the boy. John Canty saves him though.


1.The trouble the miscreants have with the boy is he wont listen to what they say and he got into fights.

2.The king manages to get on Hugo?s bad side by Hugo stepping on the prince?s foot on purpose (but he did it a lot of times before) so he got mad and threw him on the ground and got into a fight.


1.The punishment for stealing a pig over the value of thirteen pence was to be hanged.

2. Revising the value of the pig reduced the sentence.



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