Holocaust Unit Summary Essay Research Paper Holocaust

Holocaust Unit Summary Essay, Research Paper

Holocaust Unit SummaryI was mostly affected by this unit because it showed me that in the midst of allthe unkindness of the Nazi party, that there were still some people left who were kindenough to put their own lives on the line to save someone else’s. I didn’t understand,until the stories and the movies cleared it up, how the people could not figure out thatthere was something wrong when they were being pushed around by the Nazi soldiers. The Nazis were very unkind to the Jews. In the movies it was very evident. Forinstance in “Schindler’s List”, I saw that they would shoot people for no reason at all,or for putting up the slightest resistance. They also killed the people that were bedridden and helpless. They basically treated the Jews like they were dirt and they trulybelieved that they were no better. I saw in this unit that with so much hatred towards the Jews, there were stillsome people who would put their life on the line to protect their fellow human beings.

Some examples of this from the unit were the people who hid Anne Frank and herfamily, the people who protected the Jews in the secret room in the story “The SecretRoom” . I feel the best example of this kindness was in the movie “Schindler’s List” .He spent the whole war risking life and limb to protect his workers, and in the processhe spent all of his money. The people were confused about what was taking place during the war becausethey were transported in such large numbers. The movies and short stories showed mewhy the people didn’t resist the Nazis. One reason is the obvious fact that the Nazishad weapons and the Jews didn’t, another was that the Nazis didn’t put up withanything. If the Jews tried to resist in any way they were shot. This unit really answered many of the questions I had about the Holocaust. Theother movies, stories, and history books seemed to leave a void, this unit filled thatvoid with accurate information.


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