Sex On Television Essay Research Paper As

Sex On Television Essay, Research Paper

As I sat down one night to watch television, I continuously came across shows that had more sexual content in them then I wished to view. Female characters were having sex with several male partners, yet suffering no apparent consequences. In some instances joking and bragging about who they slept with the night before with their colleagues and friends. Not only was this promiscuous sex disturbing, but also the clothing these women wore revealed more skin than an adult magazine. It is appalling that these women are the ones that young teenage girls look up to and call their role models. Believe it or not, sexual acts, revealing clothing, and the images of the perfect figure, displayed by female celebrities are having an effect on teenage girls in today s society.

Today young teens listen to and imitate celebrities more than their parents or religious leaders. In a society where the media s attitude toward celebrities having promiscuous sex is nonchalant, it is no wonder that young teenage girls are more acceptable to casual sex. Many of these girls believe that because celebrities on television sitcoms are having sex without consequences, the same will apply to them. But in reality, sexual activity comes with many risks and consequences including pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and most often a broken heart.

Yet another effect media has on teenage girls is the way they are dressing. To keep up with the fashions of Hollywood, these girls adopt the revealing clothing styles of celebrities. Most teenagers think that if television says it is okay to show off the female body by wearing revealing clothing then it must be the cool thing to do. Young teens also get the impression that their revealing attire will attract more males. They see guys drooling over Britney Spears as she strips down to nothing but a sheer sequined body suit and want that same attention directed towards them. Dressing like celebrities that wear provocative clothing may invite males to make sexual advances toward young teenage girls, often leading to rape.

Risking health to achieve the perfect celebrity figure is another common effect. Marilyn Monroe was a size twelve and was considered beautiful. But by today s standards set by TV celebrities with toothpick frames, being overweight is not desirable. When viewers tune in to Friends on Thursday night they will not see one leading lady (or any ladies for that matter) with a waist over a size six. The only imperfect characters in the show are the fat ugly guy and fat ugly lady who live across the street and are the objects of constant ridicule. The same can be said for virtually all sitcoms on television. Viewers are constantly exposed to a parade of beautiful people. Unfortunately, it has become accepted that society should look like television actors and actresses. The impact that today s body image standard is having on teenage girls is immeasurable. Eating disorders and low self-esteem are growing problems among teenage girls because of the pressure to have the perfect body, a body that is malnutritioned, weak, and unhealthy.

What society must do now is tell the beauty industry, the magazines, and Hollywood what they are doing is unacceptable. The images of the perfect women they portray are unrealistic, and unhealthy. There seems to be little hope. It is unlikely that the media will loosen its grip on the minds of young teenage girls. That would of course hurt sales on clothing and beauty products, causing companies to make hundreds of millions instead of billions. It seems as if the effects of celebrities sexual actions will always have an impact on teenage girls unless we, as a society, stand up and make it publicly unacceptable to act as these celebrities do


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