New Device To Help Women Achieve Orgasms

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It is common for most couples to experience some degree of sexual dysfunction. The most prevalent type of sexual dysfunction for women is the female sexual arousal disorder. The female sexual arousal disorder occurs when a woman either does not become aroused at all or does not lubricate during any sort of sexual situation.

On May 4, 2000, a report was released that the FDA has okayed a device to help aid the female orgasm. The new device is called Eros. It costs $359 and some insurance companies are expected to cover it. The device is found to help women achieve orgasm, by pumping blood into the clitoris. The company that designed Eros, UroMetrics Inc., believed that the blood flow into the clitoris is just as important as the blood flow in to the penis when it comes to arousal. The device consists of a soft suction cup that is to be placed over the clitoris and a vacuum device attached to a tube. Women can turn the device on the vacuum to stimulate the clitoris and remove the device when the clitoris has become aroused. The FDA authorized Eros only to be sold with a doctor’s prescription to treat the female sexual arousal disorder. This disorder has always been considered to be a psychological problem, but research shows that doctors have been discovering that there is often a physical problem. In a recent study, 15 women diagnosed with sexual dysfunction tested out the device and more than 80% noted increased sexual satisfaction, while 55% achieved orgasm.

According to the textbook we use in class, there was no physical treatment to speak of for the female sexual arousal disorder. Most treatment was designed to help the male erectile disorder. Women that have the female sexual arousal disorder usually go to therapy to overcome their problem. Therapy has proved to be successful for most cases, but some women might be relieved to find out that there is now a device that is almost guaranteed to give results.

The information in the article presented an unending quandary in my mind. All of the information talked about the new device that the FDA okayed to help women achieve orgasm. However, the article left me wondering about a few things. How can using a device like this make a person stay aroused enough to be tangled up in a sexual situation. I would think that it would kill the mood. I also was more curious about the female sexual arousal disorder. I did learn a little about the disorder in class, but I think that the article would have been more interesting if it consisted of more information about the disorder. I also wanted to know more details about Eros. More specifics would have been more satisfying.

The findings imply that women have a new way to reach an orgasm. The Eros has impressive statistics. It is just too bad for women who have sexual dysfunctions that this device could not have been on the market sooner.


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