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One chilly night you decide to pull out your old book of fairytales. As you dust off the cover you start reading along, and as you finish the tale. You re struck with a large volt of curiosity, you realize that it was not the same as the tale you were told when you were little. You reread the authors name and see it is the Charles Perrualt. The ending is what caught your attention. What big teeth you have, the better to eat you with my dear? Then with those wicked words the wolf jumped out of bed and gobbled her up. I don t remember her being eaten by the wolf. The tale I was told was by the Grimm s Brothers there ending was much different from Perraults. Although both fairy tales have a gruesome ending, they differed in many ways. The Grimm s tale ended like this little red ridding cap went merrily on her way home, and no one harmed her. Through the years we are told fairy tales and they do change from generation to generation. The titles were also different Perraults title was Little Red Ridding Hood compared to the Grimm s Red Ridding Cap. The concept of these fairytales remains the same.

Both authors even had the little girl take something different to her grandmother. In Perraults she took cake and a pot of butter. In the Grimm s she took wine instead of butter. The differences may be minor for now but wait till you hear how the wolf dies. In Perrault s publication of the story the wolf does not die Little Red Ridding Hood does. In the Grimms rendition of the tale the wolf ate Ridding Cap and her grandmother. A hunter who was passing by heard the snoring of the sleeping wolf. He stopped and went in to his surprise it was the wolf who had fallen asleep. He was going to shoot him, but didn t in fear that he might shoot the grandmother. So he grabbed a pair of scissors, and cut him open the girl popped out first then followed the grandma. There was also another ending to the story the little girl was not eaten at all. She filled the trough with water and then a bit of sausage fat that is what caught the wolf s attention. He stretched his neck so much the he fell into the water and drowned. There are many different adaptations to this story. It has been rewritten by a lot of people.

Today the fairy tales from the past have been brought to the spotlight cause of there violent story lines. The real question is how the tales are told today. Now our children sit in front of a big screen to watch fairy tales. In today s society the morals of our families have changed instead we don t sit and read to our children. We much rather take our kids to the movies and let the Disney Company tell them a happy ending. When we all now they re really is not a happy ending for all of us


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