The Age Of Napolean Essay Research Paper

The Age Of Napolean Essay, Research Paper

The Age of Napolean

During the period of time when there was continuing war with Great

Britain, Austria, and Sardinia, France needed a new military leader. These

wars opened up opportunity for a reflexive unknown general named

Napoleon Bonaparte. At the age of 26 this general suppressed the uprising

in Paris that attempted to prevent the establishment of the directory. The

people of France chose Napoleon because they needed stability. Napoleon

was born in 11769 on the French island of Corsica. He attended military

school in France and he graduated as an artillery officer. Napoleon might

have stayed there if the revolution had not given him the chance to rise to the

rank of general.

Napoleon was not that tall , he was five foot – two inch. He required

only two or three hours of sleep a night. He combined overwhelming

ambition with a vain and domineering personality. Because of these traits,

he proved to be a great organizer and administrator in both political and

military affairs. Besides this, he was a military genius.

Napoleon was one of the best generals of all time. Because of the

dominant role he played in 2 1796, the wars the French fought from then

until 1815 are generally know as “The Napoleonic Ages”. One of the things

that Napolean was great at was the ability to move his troops and to miss

forces at critical points on the battlefield. This way of fighting gave Napoleon

an advantage over his opponents.

In Italy, Naopoleon quickly showed his ablity. He took the small,

week, and poorly equiped french army and in a couple of weaks, they were

so organized and inspired it that he forced the Sardinians Auststrians twice.

In 31797, he forced them to sign a humiliating peace treaty that gave France

control of all northern Italy.

Napoleon became the popular hero of his time, but his popularity

could not change the facts. France forced a dangerous situation. The British

had organized a second coalition against France that included Austria and

Russia. These forces drove the French armies out of Italy and French controle

over the other conquered states slipped.

In 1799,4three of the dictators resigned and the other two were

arrested, leaving the way open for Napoleon. Napoleon’s troops forced most

of the legislative members to leave. These people that did not leave turned the

government over to Napoleon and his fellow plotters. A seizure of power by

force is called “Coup De’Tat” meaning ” stroke of state.” Napoleon said “I

found the creon of France lying on the ground, and I picked it up with a

sword.” This made him director of France. From 17995 to 1814 he infleunced

events in France and the rest of Europe to such a great extent that this period

is know as the Napoleonic Era, or the Age of Napoleon.

The People in France accepted Napoleon’s dictatorship, some of the

people were not sure of Napoleon but they wanted stability . Other people

were afraid to protest because they did not want to get arrested. Napoleon

made life easier for people. He respected the decleration of the right of man.

He assured the peasants that the land that they have now will reamain theirs.

Napoleon gave himself unlimited power. Executive bracnch, made up

of three consuls was called the consulate. Napoleon took the name first

consul. As first cosul, Napoleon commanded the army and navy, he had right

to appoint and dismiss all oficial and propose all new laws.

Napoleon submitted the constitution of his new government to the

people for a vote, a plebiscite. We know Napoleon for his military services,

but his work on the government had more importance and a longer lasting

affect. Many other governments in Europe and elsewhere used the system

that Napoleon used. It was called the Napoleonic Code.

Napoleon finally destroyed the second coalation against France. In

1799,6 Russia destroyed the coalation. By 1801, Austria asked France for

peace. In 1802 Great Britain had signed a peace treaty with France. Napolean

would keep his promisess to the French people. Peace was won by, vitory

from war, firm and steady government, and an economic prosperity.

In France, Napoleon wanted to increase his power by making it

permanent and hereditory. The French people voted to declare France an

empire. The first consul, Napoleon Bonapart, became Emperor Napoleopn

1’st. Napoleon planned to defeat the British navy and invade Great Britain.

Unfourtanitly for Napoleon, in 1805, a British fleet led by Admiral Horatio

Nelson defeated Napoleon and his navy. Nelson was killed in the battle, but

not before he defeated the French and spanish fleet. Napoleon also

surrendered in the land battle. When Napoleon was being crowned emperer

by the Pope, Napoleon took the crown from the Pope and crowned himself

because he wanted everyone to know that no one is higher than him in

power. He was the mightiest one, not even the Pope was higher than him.

By 1908, 7Napolean completely dominated Europe. He forced Prussia

and Austria to sign a humiliating peace treaty. He also ruled Europe but the

enimies were getting stronger. The generals that Napoleon defeated were

using his tacktics and started to get stronger. Nationalism strenghtened

Napoleons opponents.

The Peninsula Camaign war lasted from 18088 to 1814. Napoleon still

kept power of Spain buthis military was weeknd. In 1814, the British took

over Spain, this is part of Napoleons downfall. When Napoleon was fighting

Russia they practice a scorched earth poicy which gave Napoleon no land

which they can use. Everyone on Europe broke their alliance with Napoleon.

Napoleon tried his old stratigy but it did not work. Napoleon was defeated.

During the hundred days Napoleon plotted his return. He eventually

ruled France, but once again was greedy and wanted more land so he went to

battle with the British and once again was defeated. The British sent

Napoleon to live under constant guard on the lonly dismal island of St. Hellen

in the south Atlantic ocean, there, Napoleon died in 1821.

As the years went by, Napoleons legend grew but people forgot his

failures and they only remebered his victories and how good of an emperer he

was. The British allowed France to take his body to paris where he lyes to

this day under the dome of Inivalides, the magnificent home for old soldiers

that Louis XIV had built.


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