Why do I want to study in the USA?

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One of the most important reasons why I would like to study in the USA is to get a good education. I want to get a good education in one of the most leading higher education systems in the world. As far as I know the USA also has the highest number of higher education students in the world. To study in the US is a good chance to get such skills and habits that can develop me as one of the most competitive and competent professionals. This environment can teach me a lot.

My past experiences have given me motivations that many people can achieve the highest levels in what they are doing and at the same time they are motivating others people to do their best. That is why our heritage of mankind is always developing and improving. And I think if they can do it, I can do it, too.

I would like to see in reality what the United States of America is, because there are a lot of stereotypes about the USA, and I want to develop my own opinions about it and grow. Frankly speaking, many people know America only through Hollywood movies, coca-cola and celebrities, but I do not want to learn about America through a screen, on TV, or other’s opinions. I want to learn about the USA by feeling, touching and smelling it on my own.

To study in the USA will influence my personal and professional goals greatly. First of all, my dream to see the United States of America will come true. I will have experienced living in another country which is different from mine. I will discover myself in new life situations which I have never been in. I believe that this experience gives me a chance for personal growth. I will know something new which I can get only in the USA. And my professional goal is to be competent at what I am doing. The United States of America is one of the most leading countries in many fields in the world, and I really want to study and get professional skills and habits which can help me to have a good job in the future.


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