S.A.T’s Essay, Research Paper

The SATs is a standardized test that many students take to enter into a prestigious University or College. However, the SAT is seen as a test that will decide your future. The score a student receives on their test usually displays some sign of their intelligence. Yet, now-a-days, many professors and Deans of Attendance do not approve of the test. They believe the test is not an accurate measure of academic success; that the test does not predict any success in college.

All I know about the SATs is that they are a pain in the butt and give students a lot of stress. I believe the test was created so that colleges and universities obtain an idea of intelligence that you possess. I believe the SATs are a waste of time too. A three and a half-hour test can either make or break you. I believe that a single test should not be the basis of the rest of your academic career. Since prep classes are available for the SAT, it would be hard to predict success. If I were to prepare two years for the SATs, I would score higher than somebody who did not. However, it is possible for someone who does not go to prep classes to receive a higher score. That is why the SAT is not a first-rate exam. I believe that success comes from habits, dedication, and time usage. Not a test that bores nearly all who takes it. I believe that what students have accomplished in schools are a more accurate measure than the SAT. Success in school demonstrates more leadership and indecency. It informs colleges and universities of the abilities that you posses. That you are able to step up and be independent. I believe that the SAT was handed to students to cause stress and torture. Standardized tests are a pain in the butt since there is an enormous amount of pressure to do well on it. I believed that the test was a sign of success and that your score would show some idea of your mental capabilities. However, from my research, I have learned that the test is heinous. That it is irrelevant in measuring success and determining your future.

I began my journey during the middle of February. We were assigned to write twenty questions that we have always speculated. One of those twenty questions I wrote was about the SATs. Eventually, after about a week, I was assigned to research it. We began our quest for answers on February twenty-third. In our exquisite English class, our stupendous teacher, Mrs. Zieg, requested that we write in our journal about everything we knew. I wrote about a page and a half of all the information I knew about the SATs. My first day of research was on the twenty-seventh of February. My entire English class went to the media center to begin the search. I directly went to the computers and started surfing the web. I found virtually nothing on my topic when I ran across the most beneficial website. That amazing website contributed to many e-mail addresses. However, the school aggravated me since I couldn t send e-mails to them. I had to go home and send the e-mails from my own computer. The next day, I traveled to the media center again. I wanted to quench my brain and discover information but I realized that there are no books at the media center related to my question. Again I had to surf the web for contentment. Scouring the web, I did not find jack crap for twenty minutes. I nearly went insane because I could not find anything. However, on the twenty-first minute, I found another website. I became thrilled. That evening, I drove to my SAT prep class and questioned my math teacher on my issue. He informed me significantly and I appreciated his answers. After I returned home from my prep class, I checked my e-mail to see if anybody had answered. The replies I obtained shocked me. They actually answered (to a certain degree) my question. However, the answers were all positive and no one gave any negative responses. On the first day of March, I journeyed to the media center yet again. Instead of going on the Internet, I read and evaluated the e-mails I received. I acquired a few more websites from my readings and glanced at them later that day. About a week later, I started to research again. I experienced some research block and did not do any thing. On the thirteenth of March, I began to research again. However, instead of being at the media center, I was in my English room. I read a pamphlet I received from the College Board. It was really useful but it was still one-sided. I needed to see both sides and opinions so that I know all angles. In the pamphlet are some interesting graphs and visuals. The next several days are a haze. I spent too much time researching that my brain does not quite remember my actual actions. On the fifteenth of March, I voyaged over to the Cerritos Main Library. The place looked a little shabby since they are re-modeling the other facility. I felt like I was at school since the library is a portable like my math class. I spent two days at that library loading up on information. I expected to find an adequate amount of material; I did not find much at all. I used the existing newspapers and periodicals to assist in my research. I found a sufficient amount of data but I expected to discover more. The next week, in English, all we did was research in class. I copied and printed numerous amounts of newspapers, which I read during that week. I picked up quite a bit of info; however, much of it is similar to another source. On the twenty-third of March, I went to my SAT prep class again and interviewed my verbal teacher. The interview cracked me up because my verbal teacher has a major Korean accent. However, he is extremely knowledgeable about the SAT and educated me a great deal. I enjoyed the interview and came out a different man. From the twenty-third on till the twenty-ninth, I researched at my mind-numbing home to satisfy my desire of receiving an answer.

I learned an enormous amount while researching about the SAT. How pointless and unnecessary it is. Many professors and scholars will argue that the test is grand and essential for predicting success and intelligence (SAT in Perspective: College Board Responds to U.C. Proposal). Nevertheless, many will argue against it that it is irrelevant and ineffective to measure success or intelligence ( To understand the meaning of all these arguments, I had to research when and why it started too. I discovered that the test was originally started in the mid 1920 s created as a notion of measuring basic intelligence not achievement (Vobejda A1+). However, it was not emphasized until after the Second World War (Cloud 64). During the war, officials and highly ranked commanders needed to know where to locate men. Not wanting to waste intelligent personnel, they created a test that is a model for the SATs (Scott-Blair A1+). As the popularity of the test increased, colleges viewed the test as a way to assess the wave of prospective students (Vobejda A1+). Conversely, sixty years later, colleges are less confidant they can measure innate ability from a test score and are turning to school performance and away from the test (Vobejda A1+). The SATs are not a horrible test. Many scholars will fight for the acceptance of the test. Many believe that it is necessary for deciding future college students and that it will predict potential success (SAT in Perspective: College Board Responds to U.C.). According to the College Board

office of research and development, it says that colleges use the SAT to predict success. I also read that the colleges use high school GPA and freshman GPA to determine prosperity. However, combining both SAT scores and high school GPA, there is a higher percentage in predicting a student s success (Camara and Echternacht). College Board also states that numerous studies have shown the test a reliable indicator to show students capabilities. (Frerking C8+). However, I discovered that College Board members and professors are the only ones defending the SAT. Again, the College Board announced that with the combination of the SAT and high school GPA, prediction is extremely accurate (Vobejda A1+). I find it hard to believe that the SAT is a good predictor when only one company approves with the test. If others were to concur with the College Board, my ideas and thoughts might differ; no other group or person seems to value the test like the College Board. Once more, the College Board defends its test by stating that nothing is wrong with the test when used correctly. Allowing students to see if they have the skills to succeed at the college level (Scott-Blair A1+) correctly uses it. The SATs are arguably the most debated test. After seeing the College Boards opinions, I knew I need to see the other side. I realized, by researching, that many people dislike the use of the SAT and say that it has no relevance to academic success. .It s a mystery what the SAT measures. The SAT, Dr. Atkinson, measures the students ability to read and do math. (Letters desk B9+). x I learned that the SAT is a heinous test that only measures the ability to take the SAT (Cloud 65). An aptitude or assesment test score should not vary significantly if you are educated or trained. Also, being trained should increase your

score (Tae Chung). However, many times it does not work out that way (personal experience). I went to a SAT prep class before I took the P-SAT and I recieved a low scores. This led to frustration and eventually the fire to find the answer to my question.

Supporters for rejecting the SAT say that the SAT only shows a students academic abilities like a yearbook shows a students experience in high school. The test is also an unfair measure of a student s ability (Weiss B1+). Students attending UC s also concur with annihilating the SAT since the say it s of marginal value (Weiss A1+). Many followers for rejecting the SAT believe that subject tests are the best solution (Tae Chung). Since subject tests require the applicant to know the material, the score is more relavent than the multiple choice SAT test (Autman and Moran A1+). Atkinson believes in the SAT II also since it is a subject test which are better indicators of college success than the SAT I (Autman and Moran A1+). While the SAT II is an accepted test, the SAT I is still under heavy discrimination. Many believe that success is not measured by the test because people can train to obtain that higher score (Tae Chung). Also many schools are revolving their educational system to train for the test and when students who acquire 4.0 GPA s and cannot enter a UC school because of their SAT score shows the horrific realities of the test (Weiss A1+). The reality that the test cannot show success and intelligence (Weiss A1+). In equivalence to subject tests, people believe that GPA is a decent predictor. Also, college prep classes and the English and math courses students take can further portend success (Reilly C6+). Another terrific predictor is the combination of the SAT II and the average GPA (Autman and Moran A1+). The SAT I may be an ill predictor for college and academic success; however, SAT II and GPA average are suitable.

In conclusion to this report, I have learned a great deal. The SAT I is quite a debateable test. They re are many supporters and opposers to the infamous test. I am

opposed to the SAT since I believe that it is an irrelevant test that does not show success. With all my findings, I can understand why so many colleges despise the use of it. However, since there is GPA inflation, colleges need a standard of some sort. The SAT is that standard which happens to be mediocre mean. The SAT should not be used for determining college succes but students have no choice but to except it.


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