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Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is one of the largest cities in the world. The total area of Moscow is about nine hundred square kilometers. The total length of Moscow streets is 4350 kilometers and to cover that distance on foot you will have to walk non-stop for 36 days. The population of Moscow is more than 10 million people. Moscow is multinational city, you can find people of different nations and nationalities live in it. Moscow was founded in 1147 by Yuri Dolgouruki.

Moscow is an industrial and cultural center. The cultural life of the capital is very rich. There are many museums, theatres, exhibitions and other sights that are worth visiting in Moscow. That’s why Moscow is a real attraction for tourists.

The State Tretyakov Gallery is one of the famous and the well-known picture galleries in our country and all over the world. The gallery has got many halls and contains over 50 thousand paintings, sculptures, drawings representing the history of Russia artistic culture from the 11th century to the present day. The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is also one of the world¢s most outstanding art museums.

We have some famous theatres in Moscow. For example The Bolshoy and the Maly Theatres are famous theatres all over the world. Many modern and interesting theatres have appeared in Moscow recently.

Moscow is the center of Russian science. Moscow State University on the Vorobyovi Hills is the heart of our educational system that includes also many universities, colleges, schools and libraries.

The Kremlin is the heart of Moscow. It is the oldest historical and architectural center of the city. It is full of outstanding monuments of Russian history and culture. They are the Cathedral of Assumption, The Cathedral of Saint Basil, Armory Chamber, Diamond Fond and others.

Moscow is rich in old beautiful churches. Many of them have been restored lately. Especially it is necessary to tell about the Church of Savior over the Gates. It was destroyed many years ago, but it has been newly built recently.

Ostankinskaya Tower is the well known sight of Moscow. It is the highest building in Europe. Its height is 540 meters. It was projected by Russian architect Nikitin and was built in 1961-1968.

Moscow is my native city, I live in Moscow and I like it very much. I like to show Moscow to my friends when they come to Moscow. They always make fotos that will remind them of various and picturesque views.


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