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The British Press

The British press consists of several kinds of newspapers.

The national papers are the ones sold all over the country, with a large circulation, giving general news.

There are two main types of national paper - the "popular" papers and the "quality" papers. The popular papers are smaller in size (they are tabloid size), with lots of pictures, big headlines and short articles. They are easy to read and often contain little real information. They give much space to opinions. They usually have "human interest" stories - stories about ordinary people and events. Examples of this type of newspapers are "The Daily Mail". "The Sun", etc.

"Quality" papers appeal to the more serious reader, who wants to read about politics and foreign affairs. These papers such as "The Daily Telegraph", "The Guardian" are bigger in size (they are called "broad-sheets"), with longer articles and a wider coverage of events. They have different pages for home news, foreign affairs, features articles, fashion, business, sport and so on.

People in Britain buy more papers on Sunday than on weekdays. The Sunday papers have a higher circulation than the dailies. As with the dailies, there are both popular and quality Sunday newspapers. The quality ones have different sections and a colour magazine (usually full of advertisements)

"Moscow News"

"Moscow News" is a national weekly newspaper. The first issue of it came out in October 5. 1930.

Its circulation is about 50,000 copies. The newspaper is printed both in Russian and in English. It informs the readers of the life in our country, the most important events in foreign states.

On the first page you will find the major home news and some items of foreign news. The second and the third pages are taken by home affairs. On the fourth and the fifth pages there are reports from various countries on world news. On the last pages you will find the articles which are sometimes called features. The term "features" covers a wide range of subjects: review of books, criticisms on theatre, on music, art. films, television, articles on science, travel, sport events, etc. The newspaper is also lull of advertisements.


1. What newspapers and magazines are called "popular"?

2. What newspapers are "quality" ones?

3. What newspapers do you prefer?

4. What newspapers do you and your family subscribe to?

5. Do you buy newspapers at the kiosks?

6. What articles do you prefer reading?

7. How often do you read newspapers and magazines?

8. What news do they cover?

9. Do you read the "Moscow News"?

10. Is the newspaper interesting for you?

11. Do you read the page with sport news?

12. Have you ever read any English and American newspapers?

13. Have you ever compared Russian and foreign newspapers?

14. Are they different?

15. What about your parents? What do they read?

16. What about your friends? What do they read?

17. Do you discuss the most interesting articles with parents and friends?


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