Топики по английскому языку /English/

Топики по английскому языку

My Day Off.

Most people in our contry work five days a weekbut students and pupils work six days. They have onlyone day off. It is Sunday.

I like this day very much. On this day I wakeup later than usual. As soon as I get up I air theroom, make my bad and do morning exercises. Then Ihave breakfast. Two more hours for getting readywith my homework and I am free.

I meet my friends and we discuss our planstogether. We may go to the cinema or theatre, tomuseums and parks.

In fine weather we also like to be out of town.We find a nice place somewhere in the forest or on the bank of the river.We lie in the sun, play different games and swim. Inwinter my friends and I often go to the skating-ring.

When the weather is bad my friends come to myplace. We listen to music or go to the cinema.

In the evening all the members of our familyget together. We have our supper, watch TV or readbooks. I enjoy my days off very much.

My Duties about the house.

My name is ...... I am 17 years old. I havealready finished my school. There are four people inmy family: my mother, my father, my brother andmyself. We have a two-room flat. There is alvaysmuch work in the house. There is alvays much work inthe garden near the summer-cottage. My duties aboutthe house are to clean the rooms, to wash the dishesafter meals, to do shopping. Sometimes I help mymother to bake cakes and pies, to lay the table formeals. I usually help my sister to do lessons. Inthe spring and in the autumn I often help my parentsin the garden. I looke after the flowers andvegetables. I enjoy helping my parents.

English Speaking Countries.

Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are English speaking countries. They are situated in different parts of the world and differ in many ways.

The nature of these countries, their weather and climate and way of life of their people differ.Each coutry has it's own history customs, traditions, its own national holidays. But they all have a commonlanguage. English, the language of the people who left England to make their names in new countries.

The United Kindom of Great Britain and NorthIreland consist of 4 parts: England, Scotland, Wales,Northen Ireland. The British Isles are group of islandslying off the noth-west coast of the continent ofEurope. There are no high mountains, no very longriver, no great forest in U.K. The population of theU.K. is almost fifty-six million. Great Britain isa capitalists country.

The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent. The population of the USAis more then 236 million people. The USA is a highlydeveloed industrial country. In the USA there aretwo main political parties, the Democratic Partyand the Republican Party.

Canada has area of nearly 10 million square kilometres. It's westen coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast by the AtlanticOcean. The population of Canada is over 26 millionpeople. Canada is a capitalist federal state and amember of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth of Australia territories are the continent of Australia, the island of Tasmaniaand number of smaller islands. Australia has an area of nearly eight million square kilometres.The population of Australia is over sixteen millionpeople. The Commonwealth of Australia is a capitalist self- governing federal state.

New Zealand is situated south-east of Australia.The country consists of the large islands called NorthIsland, South Island and Stewart Island and alsomany small islands. The population of New Zealand is over three million people. New Zealand is a capitalistself-governing state and a meember of the Commonwealth.

Famous People of Belarus.

There are many famous people in our republic.Among them you can find the names of politicians andpublic figures, intellectuals and scientists, heroesof war and labour, sportsmen and artists.

First of all I'd like to mention the name ofour outstanding national writers Yanka Kupalaand Yakub Kolas. They created a new BelarusianLiterature and a Belarusian literatury language.Both are considered to be the classics of Belorusianliterature. These names are followed by a number ofother well-known writers and poets, such asK.Krapiva, Chorny, Brovka, Shamyakin, Tank, Bykov,Korotkevich, Gilevich, Loyka, Adamovich known bothin our country and abroad. Their works are translatedinto many European languages.

Many Minsk streets are named after theBalarusian writers.

The cultural life of Belarus has always beenvery interesting and varied. Among the leadingcomposers of the present centure were Tikotsky,Aladov, Bogatyrov, Smolsky. Otherwell-known composers of the older generation includePukst, Lukas, Luchenok, Alovnikov, etc.

Many prominent names in the history of Belarusof the 20th century are connected with the two mainevents, the Second World War and space exploration.The Belarusians fought heroically defending theirMotherland. But we are especially proud of theheroes of the last war: K.Zaslonov, E.Osipova,N.Gastello, V.Talalikhin, the defenders of BrestFortess and many others. In the family of cosmonautsthere are also two Belarussians, A.Kovalyonok andP.Klimuk.

At the present day time, the time of revolutionof values, it's difficult to find heroes especiallyamong politicians. Time will put everything in itsplace and give everybody his due. But one thing isobvious: great times are created by great men. Theirnames are sure to become history whatever it may be.

Kastus Kalinovsky the Fighter for Independence of Belarus.

K. Kalinovsky was born in 1838 on the 21-st of January not far from Grodno in Belarus. His parents were not rich. There were 18 children in the family. Kalinovsky's mother Veronica Rybinskaya died early and the elder brother, Victor, a student of Moscow University, took care of Kastus. In 1855 Kastus graduated from a secondary school in Svisloch and entered Moscow University. But in 1856 he changed his mind and became a student of St. Petersburg University. There Kalinovsky met Russian democrats Belynsky, Chernyshevsky, Dobrolubov. He shared their ideas and followed them. In 1861 K. Kalinovsky came back to Belarus. He took an active part in organizing the uprising of 1863 in Belarus and Lithuania. But the tsarist army dispersed the uprising. In 1864 Kastus Kalinovsky was arrested and hanged as the learder of the uprising. He fought for national independence of Byelorussian people, the development of national culture and education. His name became a symbol of action and struggle for the rights of oppressed people in Belarus and Lithuania. ] My Biography.

I suppose that the first thing I must tell you is my name. I'm Andrei Kiporuk. I was born on the 8th of August 1980 in Minsk. Now I'm 15 years old. (This) In a Year I am Finishing school N88. I've been studying here during 9 (11) years. I studied not so well at school. My favourite subject is Mathematic. And after finishing school I want to enter the University. I'm going to became a programmer. As for my hobbies I'm found of listening to modern music and I spend my all free time at my computer not only playing but programming on it.

Outstang People of our Country.

I'm proud of living in Byelorussia which has always been famous for its people ── industrious, kind, hospitable and friendly.

Byelorussia has given the world many famous people in all fields of life. But I think the most outstanding figure of Byelorussia is Frantsisk Skorina. He is the founder of byelorussian and Slavonic book-printing, a scientist, a writer, a translator, a doctor of phylosophy and medicine, a humorist. He influenced the development of many branches of Byelorussian culture.

The ideas of humanism and patriotism of the Renaissance began penetrating into Belarus and it was Frantsisk Skorina who introduced them in Byelorussia.

The great son of the Byelorussian people, Frantsisk Skorina was born in the family of a merchant in Polotsk in about 1490. He got his primary education in Polotsk, and then learned phylosophy at the Krakow University. In 1517 Scorina went to Prague where he started translating and printing the Bible. He published 20 Bibles.

His genius can be compared with that Leonardo do Vinchi, Rafael, Michaeclangelo, Thomas Moor. By the UNESCO desision his name is included in the list of the most prominent scientists of Slovonic culture.

Famous People of Great Britain.

Ch. Darvin, a great English naturalist,developed the idea of evolution of all living thingsfrom simpler creatures. He wrote two most famousbooks "The Origin of Species" and "The Descent ofMan". Ch.Darvin is buried in westminster Abbey,among the greatest English scientists.

Isaac Newton, one of the greatest men in thehistory of science was born in England in 1642. Hemay be considered the founder of modern mathematics,physics and spectrography. He discovered the low ofmotion and the universal Law of gravitation. SirIsaac Newton lies buried in Westminster Abbey.

Humphry Davy is one of the greatest Englishchemists. One of his inventions is the miners safetylamp, known as the Davy Lamp.

Michael Faraday is an English chemist andphysicist. He was the discoverer of electromagneticinduction, of the law of relations between light andmagnetism. He was the greatest experimental genious.


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