Образцы писем делового характера на английском языке



Vadim A. Siropov


29-A, Sovetskaya

Shakhty, Rostov region

Russia, 346500

Tel.: Shakhty 25 685
Date of birth: 5 February 1981
Age: 1981
Marital status: Single


To secure a full-time job position, that offers a variety of tasks, in which to use my knowledge in economics in small business (personal management)


Dates: 1998-2001
College: VKESP, DGAS, Russia
Qualifications: The Law Courses

Dates: 2001-2004
College: The South Russian State University of Economics & Services, Russia
Qualifications: Management Courses

Dates: 2004 – to present
Company: OAO “ICC”
Position: Consultant
Responsibilities: Consulting at management sphere

Strong organizational skills, ability to work under pressure, customer – oriented, good time management.

Computer literacy

MS Office, Corel Draw, Adobe PhotoShop, Visual Basic, Delphi, Fox Pro, IE & Outlook, HTML programming.


Professional level of Russian, English, Native Spain.


Programming, Heavy metal music, Animation, Professional music making, free-lance web master.

References are available upon request.

Dear Mr. Burton

James Collins

Thank you for you letter of 13 March, asking a reference of James Collins. It is a pleasure to offer comments on this individual.

I have known James for over 27 years, since he was born. We have both worked at the same project. He was in my development team as a leader designer of the Personal Resource Center. Personal Resource Center allows individuals to quickly and easily establish themselves on the Web, as well as gain access to numerous entertainment and communications services.

If you require any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Jack Riot.

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Dear Sir,

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You faithfully,

John Van Croy.


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