St George’s Chapel

ST George s Chapel

St George’s Chapel is the spiritual home of the Prodder of the Garter, Britain’s senior Order of Chivalry, founded by King Edward III in 1348. St George is the patron saint of the Order.

The architecture of the Chapel ranks among the finest examples of Perpendicular Gothic, the late medieval style of English architecture. Unlike most of the other great churches ,St George’s Chapel has its principal or «show» front on the south , facing the Henry YIII gate and running almost the length of the Lower Ward.

As Sovereign of the Order of the Garter, The Queen attends a service in the Chapel in June each year, together with the Knights and Ladies of the Order. Today thirteen Military Knights of Windsor represent the Knights of the Garter in ST George’s Chapel at regular services. Ten sovereigns are buried in the Chapel, as are buried in the Chapel, as are other members of the royal family, many represented by magnificent tombs.

The Albert Memorial Chapel

The richly decorated interior is a Victorian masterpiece, created by Sir George Gilbert Scott for Queen Victoria in 1863-73 to commemorate her husband Albert.

The vaulted ceiling is decorated in gold mosaic by Antonio Salviati. The figures in the false west window represent sovereigns, clerics and others associated with St George’s Chapel. The inlaid marble panels around the lower walls depict scenes from Scripture.

This was the site of one of the Castle’s earliest chapels, built in 1240 by King Henry III and adapted by King Edward III in the 1350s as the first chapel of the College of St George and the Order of the Garter. When the existing St George’s Chapel was built in 11475-15528, this small chapel fell into disuse. Subsequent plans to turn it into a royal mausoleum came to nothing.

In 1863 Queen Victoria ordered its complete restoration and redecoration as a temporary resting place for Prince Albert.

The Chapel is now dominated by Alfred Gilbert’s tomb of the Duke of Clarence and Avandale who died in 1892.

The Great Park

The Great Park of Windsor, covering about 4,800 acres, has evolved out of the Saxon and medieval hunting forest. It is connected to the Castle by an avenue of nearly 3 miles, known as the Long Walk, planted by King Charles II in 1685 and replanted in 1945. TheValleyGardensareopenallyearround/


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